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Rise of the Terrans
It is really annoying me that when I load into the Campaign for Rise of the Terrans I click on Idle ship and it will NOT go to the first idle ship and it seems the systems are outside the Bloody map, I am not happy and until the is a fix for this BUG I WIll be playing the Skirmish Game mode because while this bug is in place my view of the Campaign in this game is bloody Zero, not happy, not happy at all.:steamsad: :steamangry:
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Infarkt Jun 15 @ 1:30pm 
not sure which versions you do own, but if you have more than crusade, you should play the campaign in the old version. This version is called 2.33, you can activate it in the settings. The campaigns are old, very old - and all newer updates since crusade fked the campaigns up. If you go back to the version 2.33, they work (should work).
Thanks, I will try from Crusade onwards then, I have all the DLCs to play the Campaign mode, and all large expansions, so I will as said try Campaign from Crusade.

Still Prefer Skirmish though as I can create my own maps and make all first 24 planets level 26 in quality hehehehe
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This next bit is to the Game Devs should they ever check these forums

Could you Devs PLEASE fix the ealier Campaign missions like the one answered here to work with the latest Expansion?

Just tried a game in the Rise of the Terrans campaign and Idle Ship brings me to the ship and all systems are inside the boundary of the map.

I suggest you verify integrity of game files.
  • Right click on GC3 in your Steam library;
  • Go to Properties;
  • Then the local files tab;
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
Jaguar1973 Jun 17 @ 12:37pm 
With me I was in the map, but all targets were outside of it, weird
Jaguar1973 Jun 17 @ 12:54pm 
Okay just did that and the game had to reacquire 4 files, it now works so thanks for that Rhonin the Wizard appreciated :)
Glad to hear it was fixed.
Could nae believe 4 files were missing!!!
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