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So is Durantium naturally occurring in the universe, a substance that can be mined...?
Or is it as the tech tree flavor text indicates, a synthetic polymer developed by scientists? This seems inconsistent.
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DaBo81 Mar 10 @ 7:42am 
I wouldn't get hung up on the fluff if I was you - for gameplay purposes it's red ore that can be mined from meteors
Think steel.

You can't pull steel out of the ground. You need to mine iron ore, and then smelt it and fire it in specific ways with specific additives to not get pig iron.
Lol but it's still not consistent game writing. We mine and use Durantium from asteroids, and then later on scientists claim credit for inventing a composite polymer called Durantium. This tells us the writing team needed better coordination.
Halfinger Mar 10 @ 12:24pm 
The oil in an oil can is not the stuff that is taken from the ground. Oil can also be synthesised and still called oil. Oil can come from the ground or plants. Maybe think of it as a generic term to cover a wide range of useful materials which were invented. Also it's often the process which matters more than the core material, such as penicillin.

EDIT: I am not disagreeing with you, just thinking up ways to cover up a writing error:)
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I headcannon it to be that the stuff we make with durantium is actually something like durantium steel or durasteel.
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It is a alloy that seems to be creatable in small amounts artificialy or mined. I think.
And of course, we all thank the Glorious Leader for giving us Durantium. :p
nestor_d Mar 12 @ 8:52am 
I have two possile headcanons: The first one (which I also think it's what the writers intended) is that the compound your scientists make is some kind of allow made primarily of Durantium, as someone suggested already.

The second possibility is that all durantium is actually artificial and the stuff you mine is actually leftover from the time of the Precursors
Your second one is interesting. :) But then in the flavor text for the tech tree our scientists should probably stop trying to claim credit. :p
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