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Dejobaan  [开发者] 2013年5月5日上午9:15
Some new events we're experimenting with...
As always, these may not pan out, but for your amusement here are a few events we're working on now:

Ant Party: You notice a line of ants marching in and out of the cave. They seem to be building an anthill. They're red ants. They look angry. Big pincers at the fronts, big stingers at the backs.

Screaming Contest: Nash-Gnash tumbles into you, screaming and chased by Sickel, who is also screaming. Nash-Gnash and Sickel are trying to make each other's ears bleed by screaming. Sickel seems to be winning, chasing a pained Nash-Gnash around.

Where's Gobclaws?: On a walk around the cave, you notice a closed door set in to the back of the wall. You don't remember seeing it before. There are scratching and growling sounds coming from the other side!

Things Got Crazy: You hear clattering, then flapping. A deer tumbles in from the cave entrance, with Blistree trapped in its antlers! Deer and Monsterlings are traditionally curious about each other. Blistree probably flew up and perched on him, then... things got crazy.
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Adelion 2013年5月5日下午2:52 
Sounds like more fun. I think I will play again more after you release the next build and I like the attitude of your team for constantly trying to improve the game. For me it is also a quality of game if they developers are taking their time to discuss with their community, offering and even asking for improvement.
I do not fear that things may end up sucking like you wrote in another thread and I'm curious as to what your writer will come up with.
Deathwurm102 2013年5月5日下午8:59 
引用自 Adelion
I do not fear that things may end up sucking like you wrote in another thread...

Agreed. Give yourselves some credit. What you've come up with so far is a lot of fun & I'm sure what's being worked on will be equally as entertaining!

You guys are a great Development team. The game really feels like one made by people who enjoy Games and are working on something they themselves would want to play...a team with the ability to "see through the audience's eyes" which is a plus no matter what medium one chooses to work in.

Looking forward to the new stuff :)
RoRoDejobaan 2013年5月6日下午12:05 
Thanks folks!! We are excited to build our the story and characters some more so your encouragement means a lot.
This seems great but I still haven't seen the adventures in the trailer. Other than that, keep up the good work
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