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A few comments
First, I want to state how much I love this game!
My wife got it for me as a gift after I had it on my wishlist for a couple of weeks, since I first saw it on Steam.
So far I've played about 10 or 11 playthroughs equaling about 8 and half hours, and I'm still delighted with the game!

I've noticed the developers read these forums, so let me congratulate you guys!
The game's writing is superb! Not only does it have a fantastic sense of humor, but it did something I wasn't intially expecting; I found myself thoroughly immersed in its universe and caring for its characters. It's surprisingly deep and varied.
Next, I wish to compliment the music. Among other things, I am a musician, and as such I find most of today's video-game music rather generic at best. Monster Loves You! features great music; it is -- as the game itself -- simple, charismatic, fun and it works great in setting the playful tone of the game. It's also memorable: I find myself wishing for the soundtrack, sometimes playing in great part to listen to the music, and then humming it while doing something else.
Last, but not least, I wish to applaud the excellent visuals. The backgrounds and monsters all so beautifully drawn create a great atmosphere and help make the game feel more varied.

Now, I'd like to make a few suggestions, as I imagine many others would also like improvements to keep us playing! Some of these are things people have said many times before, and I'll state them because I agree that they would be welcome additions!

First and quite possibly the most important thing for me, is if you guys could add a little more to the adventures. Perhaps a few adventures in quantity, or even a new possible choice/reaction in some of the adventures.
Many people complain that they're playing the same things over and over after 3 playthroughs or so, and for me it became repetitive on the fourth only to find a lot of new stuff I'd missed on the seventh, but I certainly wouldn't mind finding even more new stuff, and said complaints tell me many gamers would agree with me on that! That said, perhaps a few options more for some adventures seems like something relatively easy to implement!

Another thing I'd like is a bigger sense of consequence. Someone suggested encountering the little morsels of the beginning at later stages, and that's something I'd love! I also think it could perhaps be cool if one could interact more or less with certain monsters (like Elders!) depending on whether they did something to please or annoy them; or otherwise get a few different choices when encountering them in the future! I know this would be more difficult to implement, but it sure would be a great extra!

And third, many people complain they usually get the same little round blue monster time and time again, and frankly, it took me about 5 playthroughs to figure out my monster was there in each screen to begin with.
I think it'd be nice for our protagonist monster to be a bit more obvious and varied. Perhaps adding a couple of different monsters to the possibilities of evolution for our protagonist wouldn't be hard to do and would be a good contribution!
On the same note, I think it'd be nice if we got to see some of the background a bit more. Perhaps change to certain background when one chooses to Politick or Adventure?

Also, the music for becoming an Elder and being one is the same. Perhaps it would be a good idea to give a new track to Elderhood? I feel the current track is very appropriate for the Ascension, but less so for going through Elderhood. Not sure how many people feel the same, and I don't know how viable it is for you guys to change that, but I don't think adding a little more variety in sound could hurt!

Anyway, thanks for reading! But mostly, thanks for giving us this amazing and beautiful game!
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Dejobaan  [Разработчик] 4 мая. 2013 в 16:40 
That is a lot of good stuff. Thank you for taking the time to write it out. :) I am going to point Big Dan to it. Long story short on adventures: we're currently working on new ones, and we'll have to see how they turn out. We're trying a few new things, and they may end up sucking.

Dan's also working on "things that you do early in the game affect later things" too.
Hey Dejobaan! What the hell happened to Andy working on the the return of the problems of repeated adventures and blue monster always being the same, actually fixed? I am not playing it anymore while I wait for a fix. You told a few others in a previous topic called IT'S BAAAACK! that you would point this out to Andy. I myself have even posted a reply to Andy about this.

But it all seems to be for nothing. Nobody seems interested in getting this game back to the absolutely awesome game this was when all the kinks were ironed out. That deeply saddens and disappoints me, guys.
Let's be patient, Shodan. Making a video game is a lot of hard work and sometimes fixing something brings up other bugs; indeed, patching games is thorough work. But they've worked on every bug so far, right?
Let's cut these guys some slack, they're constantly working to make the game better for us!

Dejobaan: thanks again for reading us fans! I'm excited about the works Dan's doing! Definitely looking forward to it!
No the problem was that nothing was patched or updated (as far as I know) but the game suddenly went back to it's initial buggy state.

Good news, though a little strange, is that I decided to boot MLY again to check if it had been fixed somehow and my monster wasn't the little blue guy anymore and the adventures were random again! SO I reset my monster and can confirm that the adventures are back to being randomized *BUT* for some reason, my monster still will not change from Monsterling form despite my old monster's Monsterling form changing once upon fresh startup.

All in all, I am quite frankly VERY confused! ???
I've had a bug (I guess) where the monster doesn't grow up or change. But really, in my 12 playthroughs or so by now, I've had that happen to 3, maybe 4. So perhaps there's still some remnant of that bug, but it seems to work more often that not.
love this game too, very entertaining and clever :hmm:
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