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SnugglePilot  [sviluppatore] 20 mar 2013, ore 13:41
Build 1795 Released
Heyo! Radial and Dejobaan games have a booth at PAX East at the end of the week, so we're trying to get the game absolutely perfect for you before we're overwhelmed with our booth-duties.

Here's what we've got for you today:

Build 1793
  • Better mutli-monitor support
  • Fixed some stat-pop-up issues
  • A bunch of narrative-fixes (streamlining, typos, etc)
  • Fixed Advanced Neurosurgery pop-up... again. Don't worry, if you saw it say ZEROED before it didn't actually zero it. Sigh.
  • Added oats to the butter rum oatmeal
  • Fixed the time-extension fern-adventure-loop
  • Made default volume 75% instead of 100% to save earbud-users from unnecessary pain.
  • Fixed a missing game-ending branch that resulted in no dialogues.
  • Removed the interaction buttons on backdrops when they aren't needed.
  • Made sure you can't re-start adventuring after the game ends, producing confusing situations
  • Ensured adventure boards get reset on game end. Playing multiple rounds in one sitting should no longer glitch.


Build 1794
  • Saved games reloading in wrong location fixed (sorry about ruining your saves, everyone. you'll have to reset)
  • Fixed bug where options were not appearing in the venue


Build 1795
  • Fixed a few more narrative issues.
  • Fixed monster always reporting as "very kind" during late transition phase.

Thanks so much for reporting things here in the forum! It's really helping us.
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YAY for fast fixing and customer support! \o/
Thanks for the fixes! but now it seems in adolescence after I do the spider mission I can't do anything afterwards. At first I can't select adventures, and if I save and load I'm in the forest the spider is in and can't do anything.
Yessss, I am so excited to try new adventures. Thank you for your hard work and speedy efforts!
SnugglePilot  [sviluppatore] 20 mar 2013, ore 14:47 
Jumpropeman, can you let me know what you did specifically on the spider mission? I just played it a few times myself with no glitches detected.
I choose to help Blistree with the Spider and then I picked to go fetch the medicine for it.
Oh noes, it still hangs for me when I try for the endless war TT_TT
Also: now the "Politik" option in the elder phase visually disappears after a politik mission
When restarting the missions still don't change TT_TT
To get Endless War, (SPOILERS) You can build human and monster relations to as high as possible and as long as you have enough respect, you can greet the humans with an uncalled for slash to the throat. I don't know if there are other ways to get it but that's how I got it (END SPOILER)
SnugglePilot  [sviluppatore] 20 mar 2013, ore 15:48 
Thanks for the feedback jumpropeman and ptor. I'm not able to recreate this bug 100% of the time but I think our writer Dan has in certain situations, so hopefully will have a patch out soon.
Since this patch I am stuck in a forrest and there are no quests or dialogue for me to click. I still look like a morsel and exiting and restarting the game does not fix this issue.

EDIT: This happened when I resumed my game after the update, I was in the adult phase. Trying a reinstall.
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SnugglePilot  [sviluppatore] 20 mar 2013, ore 16:40 
Allright, thanks to ptor and jumpropeman there is a new build up now instead of me going for dinner. :) Build 1793. Both those problems should be fixed, but unfortunately any saved game will be bugged and have to be restarted; sorry guys (you too Bear).
I unstalled and reinstalled, but the title screen still showed the resume option. I went into options and clicked on reset monster. The title screen then showed Play. I clicked on play and was taken directly to the following screen.

Any idea whats going on?
Sorry about your dinner :(
SnugglePilot  [sviluppatore] 20 mar 2013, ore 20:50 
Bear: Are you on the latest (Build 1795)? I can't seem to replicate that one. If you see that happen with build 1795+ please email and I'll get a bunch of details off of the forums here.
Warning to new players: this comment contains quite a bit in the way of spoilers.

I am actually have more problems with builds 1790 + 1795. I'm just going to list what I've noticed is definitely fixed for me, the new problems I've had, and the problems that have remained and hope that is helpful and not depressing.

-Helping the spider on 1790 took away my adventures and left me stranded in the woods when I quit and resumed.
=Still had all the same adventure icons as I was stuck on previous to 1790.

-Hugging and consoling Blotz in the Monsterling cave on 1795 has resulted in my adventures being gone, though they reappeared when I quit and resumed.
=Still have all the exact same adventure icons on my adventure boards as I was stuck on previous to 1790.
+I do like the change that the adventures icon greys out once you're ready to move on to the next stage of life!
+My monsterling changed shapes on the transition from monsterling to adolescent, yay.
-The icon to leave the house is . . . not visible. Clicking all over the area I remember it being let me out into the world, though.
-Hiding from the rain, playing with the other monsters, and apologizing for splashing led to my adventures icon disappearing again. Quit resume made it reappear.
+Helping the spider this build did not lead to my being stranded in the woods.
-Rescuing Blistree and fighting Gnash-Nash (and then continuing the fight) led to the adventures icon disappearing yet again. This time I managed to find its invisible presence by dint of wild clicking rather than quitting and resuming.
-For some reason, I acquired ferocity instead of kindness when I helped another monster win the race to the scooter this time around.
-Politick with Monsters greyed out after two adventures (with eleven days left) after I argued for not showing the human doll to monsterlings lest they grow incautious, though it did still work and let me pick adventures from it.
?There's no longer the option to skip the snake moon party, and now killing the snakes gains only +1 respect. (Not sure if those changes are on purpose or not.)
?Killing and eating the monster elk now leads to a small change in ferocity, bravery, and honesty.
+Attacking only one monster during the elder ferocity trial actually lists that it has a 50% chance of failure now.
+Advanced neurosurgery announcement when tending the human woman as an elder no longer zeroes! :D

The really big thing affecting playability (er, re-playability, rather) for me, though, is the same problem I had previous to these builds: no change whatsoever in my adventure boards between playthroughs, whether I finish a playthrough (you can probably tell a bit about my latest complete-through-elder playthrough from the above), reset my monster without quitting, or try resetting the monster both before quitting and after resuming. I'm really excited to see all the little changes (the option to embrace your fate, for instance, is one I really like), but they're not enough to keep my interest when I've explored almost all branches of the adventures available to me.

I definitely feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of this game (and am planning to keep an eye on any future games you're involved with in future in case you produce another such gem), as picking up this game has been pretty much the highlight of my being down with the flu and unable to do much that's actually productive with my evenings, but I'm still hoping to experience the full scope of it.
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