Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Do Not Buy This Game! Whats really wrong with this game?
Lets just point out what to most is blatently obvious with whats wrong with this game.

A) There is simply NO reason, encouragment, mutual goal, or need to work together in this game with any other player, which makes it simply put, a free for all pvp fest, of people with weapons, murdering people without weapons. If you have weapons, you get murdered by people with weapons who use hacks, and for what? the very few things you might have on you?

B) If you tried this game you already know, but there really is NO comparison when it comes to poor animations, LOUSY AI, even for zombies. I thought Day Z was a little buggy with the sound and sight issue, but this one actually beats it in bugs and its just a rip off of another terrible zombie game (Dayz). When you lay down prone on the ground, thats okay but you just kind of magically pop back up when you stand back up. Running sideways, you can't get much more akward like the people who made this game have never removed themselves from their computer chairs to try and shuffle to the side quickly while standing up, probably too much work for them.

C) The general map and terrain they decided to use the game for, Its unexciting, its bland, there is no fortifications to hide in, you can't board yourself up in a house, you can't climb a tree or climb a car and get on a roof, nothing. Its all static models that can not be moved or interacted with so forget about running into a house and closing the doors to keep zombies out, the super low grade AI might do it for you but the doors just don't work. When you spawn, you'll spawn with nothing but a granola bar, a can of soda, a flashlight and a badnage that some how magically heals 2/8th of your health when used. If you make it to a settlement you wont find anyone but an npc trying to sell you crap for in game money, which you don't have any untill you go kill some zombies with your flashlight, which is garunteed to get you hurt beyond what your bandage can provide. Thats assuming you even make it to the settlement, 4 of the 6 charactesr I made were killed by another player only 50m from were I entered the game at, they got a wooping loot of a granola bar, a can of soda, a badnage and a flashlight. I'm sure they really needed it because those bullets they shot me with couldn't have been cheap.

D) Don't even try to post any comments or questions about why their game sucks so much on their forums, you can't start new topics even if you make an account on their forums because of all the people who tried it and just got on their and raged about how stupid it is.

This game simply doesn't make any sense at all, even by zombie standards. In a zombie apocalypse the most precious resource is people, same with precivilization, people were the most important thing, not stuff. Mutual survival gave people a reason to work together, this game doesn't have that which is the most important aspect of a zombie game. Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, pretty much any Zombie movie, the one thing they all had in common was people working together for a common goal, usually survival or revenge in Dead Islands case.

This game is nothing more then a very poor example of what garbage the gaming industry will put out there because they believe gamers are so dumb that we will actually pay them money for it. Don't contribute to this plaque of gaming, I would go so far as to call it a scam. Its been called a scam before when it was first released and it's content wasn't as advertised, and they say they fixed it up so it was, yeah that all well and good it was shady before but thats not what i'm talking about. I'm refering to the scam that they try to sell you a game, when in fact it is not a game at all, but rather a soupy mess of entrails in an old bucket from what use to be a game at one time, and that's what they are trying to trick you into buying here.

Oh before I forget the game is almost entirely funded by people dumb enough to pay real money for in game currency to buy in game items which are then quickly lost by someone shooting you or stabbing you to death with hacks and taking your stuff.

There is simply no redemable qualities to this piece of garbage at all, It is simply a poorly made open area were angry possibly mentally ill people can go and be completely jerks to eachother as they warm up and prepare to go on a mass shooting spree, cause that's the only people who would enjoy a game as unrewarding and lame as one were you run around and kill helpless people and are suppose to feel some sense of achievement from it.

What next? A game were you run around a farm hosue stomping on new born puppies? I'm sure the people who like this game will love that one, It's about the same level of challange and reward.
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Цитата допису Amedeus:
It is simply a poorly made open area were angry possibly mentally ill people can go and be completely jerks
yeah well thats what you thought. when you look past the PVP, bugs and even crappy environment you would be able to see that this game is awesome, fun, enternaining and not ot mention addictive and you could have not died straight away when you spawned in because you have spawn protection!?!?!
Spawn protection fades after you move more then 10 feet from your spawn point, by your own admission you agree the game has crappy PVP, bugs, and crappy enviroment which amounts to like 90% of the entire game.
So you are agreeing its crap, but its fun and addictive anyway?
That game could be better :( They did a bad update from WarZ to Infestation. At least zombie can run.
They should take what they have and split the maps up into 5 areas and make it a TDM with zombies, rare weapon spawns, and quick respawns. Instead of random outfits, make a rank system that unlocks new gear

but they won't... so I'll probably never play again
Цитата допису Derek:
They should take what they have and split the maps up into 5 areas and make it a TDM with zombies, rare weapon spawns, and quick respawns. Instead of random outfits, make a rank system that unlocks new gear

but they won't... so I'll probably never play again
If that's your idea of what this game should be then it's probably best to never play again. I hear CoD calling your name.
Players are leaving in droves because these guys just aren't providing. A month or so ago you would see anywhere between 3-5 thousand players on steam alone. These days you will see anywhere between 1-3 thousand (I have seen it less than 1k).

Let me provide you with a little fact here: The following is what they promised to add by the end of September:

- Strongholds
- Crafting
- Melee attack
- Trading window
- Trial accounts
- Item degradation and repair

Now of the aforementioned features, only half of them have been implemented. None of which are of any actual importance in regards to gameplay. Whilst fist-fighting is fun, I do not see it as important. The trading window had a lot of problems and is now only half-important since trading has taken a serious nerf with GC changes. And finally, the trial accounts are no big deal because they aren't even advertised anywhere, making it hard for people to find them.

Now of course, they left 3 huge features out (with no update might I add). Strongholds, whilst having been discussed several times in the past week or so, seem to be getting worse and worse in regards to what they may entail. Let me elaborate here: The original idea for strongholds was for players to be able to clear out and barracade an area and have to defend that area from zombies. They would have to ocassionally go out and get resources.

Now it seems that idea has drifted to the following: Players can barracade areas and defend against other players with zombies just being in the background. After stating several times that they wanted to try and improve PvE gameplay, they have done the complete opposite as strongholds were meant for pure PvE.

We have only seen the tiniest bit of item degradation with them implementing a counter for items. This does not currently work.

We haven't seen a single shred of crafting ability as of yet.

Whether they have spoken about these features in the past week or 2 is irrelevent. It's the fact that they told us that they would be in by the end of September, and they failed to do so. This is not the first, nor the last time HP has done this.
Blablablablabla...I have fun with this game for 15 euros even with their faults.
Amedeus got a Privat server you can join(free ofc) pvp-free enviroment purly made for farming and "learning" the game. Or anybody else who is struggling on the official or premium servers.
You have to rent private servers from what I can tell, and my experience was on servers with under 10 people on them, I picked very very low servers just to I could walk around and I was still killed on sight for my granola bar.

The core mechanics of this game is a problem even, the zombies don't even move like zombies they chug and jerk when they run in a very mechanical manner like they are experiencing graphic lag or something, cause I know i'm not lagging.

It has none of the foundation game play that makes zombies games emersive. I had a guy chase me down through a pack of zombies just to shoot me and loot my stuff while we were surrounded by 15 or so zombies. The basic gameplay is what is crap when the priority of the game is to kill any other players you see and steal their stuff rather then actually surviving the zombies. The zombies are nothing more then an inconvenince in this game and require no tactics or skills to combat,

Even in Dead Island which was by no means a great game either, people atleast still had to resort to tactcs in order to kill Ram's and even use one player as bait while the other players attacked it from behind. You can't even have one player lead the zombies away somewhere while another one runs in and loots a farm house because the zombies run almost as fast as the player and like to glitch through fences and corners and magically appear next to you.

Why does this game have to be set in a country enviroment? Why can't it be set in a town area of about 10,000 people? Oh right cause the games engine won't support all the emersive features like closeable doors and windows, makeshift barriers or even logical pathing like going through a window to escape zombies. Heck most of that was even in Left 4 Dead but these guys couldn't put it in their game? Face it, this game was intended to be a piece of junk hobbled together in someones basement, cause lets face facts, the combat is worse then Minecraft and Minecraft WAS made in someones basement by one guy.
Infestation is in fact a PVP game in a zombies world. If you didn't understand it, you will think that the game is bad. You are just angry because peoples killed you. It's normal. Plays more, finds a team, and you will see you can enjoy. ;-)
Well the main reason not to buy the game is due to this in the Service agreement:

"Service is provided by OP Productions at its sole and absolute discretion, and may be terminated or otherwise discontinued by OP Productions at any time and from time to time, for any reason or no reason, without notice pursuant to the Terms of Service and neither OP Productions nor any of its affiliates, licensees, or contractors will incur any liability to You as a result of such termination."

HP support will only send you a bot email that is so outdated it still lists links that have 'WarZ' in them. Since you cannot run the game on your own computer/server, they can just take your money and ban you and there isn't anything that anybody can do about it until there is a class action lawsuit against HP. This is my sincere warning to people considering buying this game - you may very well get ripped off and be guilty of doing nothing other than trying to enjoy the product that you purchased. The phrase 'buyer be ware' was invented for businesses like this one.
actualy they failed with there eula and terms of service ...... if you ask any lawer or attorney .....a contract that involves an exchange of money. prior to said contract being able to be viewed and signed is nawl and void .... so in a court of law there boat will sink ....they would have had to give said contract prior to the exchange of money ..... witch they do not .... they give it to you after the exchange of money ............. they just think they are covered my opinion they are just a bunch of punk thieving little kiddies ........ i mean really they hire the most arregant people there they can find .......kewk arregant .........hides behind his monitor and says people are hacking even if they are not .........they you got the biggest piece of shi@ there in my opinion artimis knives he would stream the game while he had his friend the hacker telling him where all the people were ...... and i personly think he was using an aimbot half of the videos you watch when he is using his binoculars he does complete 180 and knows were people are .. that was his way of hiding the fact he was aimbotting ......if you dont believe me go watch some of his you tube can also here his friend dark linux the creator of rei telling him were people are and that he will not be shot by him he is on the other side of sniper hill ,...... total dirt bag and now he works for scammer point unproduction .........
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