Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

On my own private server not cheating and account got banned?!?!?
So I have been playing this game for a few months now totally desreguarding all the bad press the game has gotten. I have actually been having a good time playing the game but recently I have been getting booted a lot, and losing all of my loot contantly. I thought maybe it was my server so I went on to a public one and got killed over ten times by hackers, also I still got booted after being killed. I'm not sure why all of this is happening but today I was playing and got booted and now its telling my my account is perminently banned, I'd really like to kow why. I don't use hacks or cheats for this or any other game is there some reasonable explanation for this??
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unfortunately not, best take your loss and don't re-buy the game like alot of other ppl do after they have been banned without explanation
the devs do that to pepple for no reason so they re-buy game and make more money of you your not only one just dont fall for it
Ya it looks like this is happening to a lot of people. We should try to get this garbage off of steam, I mean the server was another $30 on top of the game not to mention the probably $100 I spent on ammo and health crap that I just ended up losing in game every time. Makes me sick!
Happened to someone in my clan two weeks ago, we we're playing together on a private server. She was 100% legit.
bull sh@@... i hate hackers ban them all. almost 800 hours in never banned
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you spent $100 on the market... yeesh, how about sending money my way if you want to get rid of it :P
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bull sh@@... i hate hackers ban them all. almost 800 hours in never banned

You can think whatever you want my acct is ligit i dont cheat in games. Besides what reason would i have to cheat on a private server..... Hmmm none because only four people have ever played on it, go find someone else to be a brainless moron with..
i belive you that you didnt used hacks but,here somethin you need to know
from what i understand is that you dont necessary have to cheat in order to get banned by the punkbuster,people get banned for glitchin,havin bad name,cursin other players,or get some ammount of reports from other players and off goes your account!
so yeah if you played in private server maybe you glithced there and got banned for it...
this is ridiculous but those are pure facts to deal with man.
and one more imortan fact that people many people dont know - players got banned for havin linked hacker account,if you were hackin on your fist account and got banned.than you got another clean hacks free account,well this second account gets banned immediately by the punkbuster for havin same ip.
at least this is what kewk said in the artemis-knives stream.
what a load of bull poos i been banned played only PVE with friends not listed on punkbuster, dont abuse friends, used only one friends server, dont hack whats the point never have needed to. And cheating, if popping zombies from a distance or safe place is cheating then im a cheat if it is not then give me back my account or refund my money because im here to survive.i tried reading the whole eula cant see where killing zombies from safe place cheating so give me back my account. just to top it off lol if you read the fine print in the eula they can ban you for no reason they dont even have to give you a reason. you dont even have to be a cheat or a hacker so my friends bring on bf4 now!
Wow I truly wish i didn't buy this game. If they Ban me for nothing im going the f*** off! If ur not cheating or hacking then there should be no problem
i bought the 2nd tier package of the game during alpha last october. I played up until february, never hacked or anything. was playing on a friends pvt server all the time. one day i went to log on and my account was also banned for no damn reason. hell i even had fraps or other vid capture stuff running most the time cuz of being in an active clan. i sent in a request ticket, and all they said was you were banned for hacking, yet they had no damn proof, cuz there was none. this company sucks, they sucked from the start and they still suck now. if you dont know about Big Rigz youtube that. the great sergey also made that horrible...program: im not even gonna call it a game.
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just wait for day z stand alone...that game is the reason this one is TRYING to turn around. its not gonna happen, but they are trying. Day Z is gonna have this games user base drop to nothing but the fan boys and 12 year old who think the game is great.
Yeah I never had another account so it coultn be because I hacked on another acct. I'm sorry but this game is so far gone, I really was having a lot of fun I almost wonder if they banned me because on my server I had stockpiled a locker in every city with weapons and ammo and my vault had every weapon with ammo that I bought from the market. I spent so much money and played so many hours maybe they just looked at everything I had and thoguth I was cheating. Then again maybe they saw how much I spent and decided it would be better for them to ban me so I'd buy it again and spend all that money again. But the problem with that is they lost me as a customer for good this is absolute crap. I'm still very upset over this, it's pure abuse of power and very wrong.
i really enjoyed the game as well. didnt need to hack or cheat never have never will no fun in it just played on pve server wahoo i got banned but the good thing is i got my life back im taking this as a blessing lol just waiting for bf4. tick tick tick
Next time, don't disregard the bad press.
And this 'at least this is what kewk said in the artemis-knives stream.' is just another piece of crap form the devs. It is really obvious by now people get randomly banned for no reason, they just can't and won't admit this for obvious reasons.

Imagine the following scenario.
You have a mediocre half dead shop and it's well known it's always full of thieves and pickpockets ( war inc. ) and you decide to change your inventory with popular items ( You take your war inc. and change it to WarZ ) to make easy cash because there's a shop coming next to you sells the same stuff you have now and is a great success because it has a lot of potential customers ( DayZ ).
So now you have WarZ but the thieves and pickpockets can still enter your shop the same way they always did, so what are your options.

1. You decide to make your shop more secure and hire some guards and place camera's all over the place so you and your potential customers won't get robbed. The downside is this takes time because you have to change a lot of things in your shop and have to invest in security measures. And you won't make extra profit because of this, but you care about your customers and want to keep them safe and make their shopping experience enjoyable ( rewriting a lot of code and plugging security holes and removing known bugs and adding 3rd party well known security programs from the beginning )
2. Leave the security for what it is and place some fake camera's and at given times just take some random customers, take the items they have in their bags and kick them out and hope some of them were guilty and maybe some of the innocent customers you kicked out will return and buy stuff again.

You can't openly say to the customers that are still in your shop you randomly kick people out of your shop, so you try to convince them all of the kicked out people are guilty and to prove that you point to your ( fake ) cams. Some of them are just naïve or easy to convince and others are just afraid to get kicked out too because they already have bought a lot of items in your shop and have seen you take away all the items from the people you kicked out. To make it even more believeable you take a well known security measure which also relies on your fake cams and feed it wrong information.

This is what they do, they kept their hacker infested buggy program and are banning randomly and hope that some of them really were hackers. If innocent players got banned because of this it isn't their loss, they already have the money they spent and have taken back all they bought. If these players come back and spend their money again it's even better, double profit.
In the mean time a lot of players that aren't banned ( yet ) are convinced by them it's all legit and proven so they come and defend them.
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