Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Sslowpokee 17 aug, 2013 @ 17:16
why do i get bad fps
i get bad fps is there anything i can do to fix that?
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ChiGoku 17 aug, 2013 @ 17:17 
whats your computer specs?
Sslowpokee 17 aug, 2013 @ 17:19 
how do i figure that out again lol?
ChiGoku 17 aug, 2013 @ 17:22 
you don't know your own computer specs? did you buy just a random pre-made computer/laptop?

if your using windows, right click on My Computer or Computer from start menu, then click on properties, it should give you your Processor, and memory (ram)

for video card go to start, then find your "run" and type in dxdiag, and a window will pop up, click on Display tab to find out your video card name/ specs
please post details about your hardware and os

look at this thread on tweaking the game and increasing performance

Sslowpokee 17 aug, 2013 @ 17:28 
Processor is Intel(R)core(tm)i7CPU
And the name is NVIOIA Geforce GT 230m
is that the name????
oh 230m

minimum hardware requirements

Graphics:Nvidia GTX 460/ATI Radeon HD 5850

and since its mobile its a little worse

please understand that mobile chips are generally 1-2 generations behind their desktop equivalent cause of size, heat, power, etc limitations in mobile devices like laptops

so they are generally less powerful than equivalent desktop numbered models

so that gt 230m

same with mobile cpus im affraid.

so you may want to reduce graphic settings turn of as much as possible and if you like look at finer grain control by tweaking settings manually using link i provided

still the check is well below the requiremnts so i would start with things like aa/af/hdr, shadows, lighting, foliage, draw distance, etc

unfortunately this game keeps much of the foliage and draws quite a distance and is one big map.

hopefully their upcoming graphic engine will be better.
Sslowpokee 17 aug, 2013 @ 18:09 
thanks im saving up for a new computer actually thanks for thew help
yeah pc gaming takes it toll.

i gave up years ago on trying to have my laptop be my gaming box/pc

i found it cheaper to buy 2 computers

1 desktop for gaming, basically cpu/gpu/ram/disk for gaming in cheap box w good powersupply. $<1k i built them.

1 laptop with max battery, good enough cpu, little gpu, good ram/disk. basically for max battery life so i can work remotely on things. ok it can play old video games. but i get like 7+ hrs not 1-2 hrs on gaming laptop. $<500
Sslowpokee 18 aug, 2013 @ 14:40 
where can i get a good gaming pc that can play games like warz with great quality
to be honest i build my own boxes. i select the cpu, motherboard, video card, ect and buy the parts individual like at newegg / local microcenter and put it all in. to be honest it takes lots of work and its a pain to deal with partts that dont fix/work together well. so i read a lot of reviews at newegg. i dont buy anything that is not like 90+ % loved by 4/5 stars and that does not have lots of revies.

i dont know your budget or what u will use it for

right now i like intel cpus over amd

nice quad core with hyperthreading. if that is to expensive then nice quad core from intel

then i go for affordable solid motherboard that people dont have problems with. to be honst i dont get $200 ones. i normally look for $100 or less. i know the better ones cost like hell, but i dont need 6 sata, etc. i can give up on the stuff so long as it has good components and no problems and its from major manufacturer that supports their product and that handles problem

new egg is good, but its also good to have manufacturer that supports their stuff

then i go find memory 8gb at least

and a very good video card the best i could find. in the past i had good luck with nvidia, but more recently ive been using ati and they have actually worked out better

for games with physx u want nvidia if u want to do the physic, but it will come at a cost since your gpu will be used for 2 things graphics and physics

but i dont have too many games that are heavy on the physics so i use ati and ati usually has nice cheap ones from some good manufacturer , again that everybody loves with lots of glowing reviews and few problems.

sure every so often someone ends up with bad motherboard, video cart, etc. that is why i want 90+ 95+ love it hundreds of happy customers

then i get a good power supply about $100 .finding a good power supply is hard cause a number of manufacturers really dont manufactor all their power supply and the components inside are cheap to make them money. so if u search web u will see a website dedicated to power supplies, its very technical, it goes component by component ripping power supplies apart and talking about the components and why they were used and any issues. plus they tell u who actually made it and if its any good. i forget the site. but you be surprised just how cheap and bad some power supplies are. they like save $.0001 and give u crap over giving u a better capcitor if they can cause they know people dont look. plus they also save on have 1 of something instead of 2 when they should really have 2. i mean the site talks about it. at the end u see just show sleezy the power supply industry is. and how they just get cheap stuff. not always, there are good models, but how do u know the model in front of u is good or crap. u have to go to the site. sadly i never remember that website cause i like use it just when shopping for power supplies. so search the web u will seeit when u see them take it apart and have pictures of the indiviaul components and them discussing it.

the case i try to get one with lots of whole for 120mm fans my fans run cool all the time. i get inexpensive fan controller fill the case with fans and set them to run slowly so they dont make noice

ah yes windows 8 sucks avoid it at all cost.

and get some ssd to hold system. if u can afford get another one for your favorite games

i have ssd system
1 driver for programs
1 drive for users

windows hates being put on different drivers
each time i install something i have to say to go program driver else it goes on my system drive which cant hold it since its for system

unix is much better at such things, windows is not

also putting user stuff on a different drive is a nightmare beyond belief. sure it runs faster, but remember windows dont expect u to be doing it. so some stuff goes in system drive regardless and some stuff actually ends up in program drive and some stuff on users drive. it depends on who wrote the program and what api they used. windows has so many temp and user stuff depending on what version of windows

remember c:\temp - dos days
c:\windows\temp - windows 9x/xp
c:\documents and settings- windows 9x/xp
now c:\users\<username>appdata - windows 7/8
and now they have c:\programdata - windows 7/8
c:\programs - windows 9x-8
c:\programs (x86) - windows xp,7/8

so its a nightmare
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