Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

It's sooo bugged, can anyone help me with the constantly stop working or the game? ugh almost fed up with the agme wasted my money on the wrong game. The developer just won't fix this problem?
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game working great here

so exactly what issue are you have.

have you done verify game cache?
i just bought the game 2 days ago on steam summer sales. i play it after install and update and done everything. but it keeps on stop working, before i meet up with my friend in the game it stop working, after i died (after 50 second exiting) it stop working again and tell me to send error report. wth man! is it bug or my pc? i can play bf3 on ultra surely my pc can handle this?
so its crashing

so did you verify verify game cache

also post exactly why its crashing. the crash dialog that asks for you to send it to them give you way of seeing why. click on it and post why

also make sure windows and your drivers are all up to date

make sure directx and c/c++ runtimes 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 are all up to date

post details about your hardware and your which windows version it is

also try getting and running pbsvc.exe and pbsetup.exe

when you run pbbsetup.exe add the game and set the game folder to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The War Z\pb

so its just a matter of seeing why its crashing and resolving the issue the game does run and ive not had problem with it crashing. is there has to be something that is causing the crashes

u can also get clues by looking at game logs, pb logs, and in windows appplication\system log.

so post what u find.
how do i update the c++ runtimes?
wait before u do that find out why your crashing

its just a list of possible things

u get them from microsoft download

u should already have them

so find out why your crashing and post the why then you will know what exactly u need to fix...

when u crash u got a popup it has a link or button to see the details of the crash go there and get why... and post it.
Driver: nvd3dum.dll
Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
DeviceName: \\.\DISPLAY1
VendorId: 4318
DeviceId: 4608
SubSysId: -2087710653
Revision: 161
Local Video Memory(DDRAW): 978 Mb
Local Video Memory(WMI): 0 Mb
VertexShaderVersion: 3.0
PixelShaderVersion: 3.0
MaxVertexShaderConst: 256
PixelShader1xMaxValue: 65504.000000
MaxVShaderInstructionsExecuted: 65535
MaxPShaderInstructionsExecuted: 65535
MaxVertexShader30InstructionSlots: 4096
MaxPixelShader30InstructionSlots: 4096
MaxTextureWidth: 8192
MaxTextureHeight: 8192

this is what i can find at the crash report
so its crasing in vidio driver?

is this the latest nvidia driver?

i have ati

still if so its problem with the driver. u see the games now adays dont for the most part directly talk to the hardware they make directx and other win api calls to do things and then those apis call things like the drivers.

can u get the exact message perhaps a web search for it will help find a solution

also make sure driver is up to date and using default values and same for game with regards to video

and see if it still fails

also create a ticket with hammerpoint suppport and nvidia. i know u will most likely get automated reply. but keep adding to ticket complete details. also if u can upload the dmp file with it. they can open it in like windbg and see exactly what is happening.
FreaKtm 14.7.2013 kello 2.38 
if your playing on high pop servers its the game, not your system

the game crashes on the high pop servers constantly, its been happening for a few weeks now.

however if your constantly crashing on the low pops I ouwld be concerned.

But yeah happens to my entire clan, everytime we are playing PVP on the high pops it crashes for everyone at random all the time.

but you canplay for ages on the private servers and super low pop ones ok (the servers with like 2-3 people)

SO yeah first check what servers your on, if its the high pops try the low pops and if it stops , then theres nothing you can do to fix the problem, and the devs are unlikely to fix it, they only break the game more with every patch. the early alpha was more stable than the two legged stool we have today.
here is what i found with regards to crashes with those drivers

they suggested removing the old Nvidia drivers before installing the new ones.

this is in general the post was not related to this game. its from nvidia. i guess the posters was having problem with Brutal Legend game

but i think it maybe worth giving it a try

they also have some utilitry to clean things up

so its uninstall
clean up utility
install new drivers

ati has similar trick for people having problems

depending on reason for crash sometimes it works and sometimes it does not and then u have to report it back to them saying your trick didnt do it and then they fix their bug...
still its what nvidia suggests when having problems where there drivers are faulting.

wont hurt to try. worse case u waste a little time

bsically its about removing all files just in case and a about cleaning up the registry just in case

normally not needed but he's crashing not in game but in driver...
im no longer familiar with nvidia.

i dont know driver sweeper, im not talking about any paid utility, its some nvidia utility, like ati one

so its remove old driver
run utility
install new drivers

he may have to do some reboots

and im not saying its going to fix it. its just what they recommend

personally i think its a bug with the drivers. if u search his post on web u see people getting it for lots of games including chilvary...

so i would do the above just to cross the t and dot the i

and then if it dont work

just do verify game cache for just in case

and if it dont ork then contact nvidia and hammerpoint support with complete details and then sit

dont get discoraged over automated responses from them keep adding to the ticket eventually someone looks at iand eventually it gets hopefully fixed

in themean time i understand its like ah i just bought this game and it dont run... happens all the time not just with this game. ati is famous for its drivers and bugs... i was getting bsod recently cause of new mozilla and flash player what a pain... until they fixed it.. took like months...
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