Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Addressing the many discussions regarding Infestation
Ok so I've seen a lot of people bring up many different topics here and a lot of the responses are from people who either don't understand what they're talking about, half understand it, or fully understand. And to be honest, it's getting quite annoying when I see people hating on others when they actually have no clue what they're talking about. In other words, welcome to the "community" the developers created...

Here I will be talking about several different, highly disputed topics.

1) Punkbuster and hackers

Ok so Punkbuster was recently introduced to help combat the hacker problem in the game. For those who didn't know, ever since the game was released back in December (and quite possibly earlier) it has been plagued with hackers. FairFight just didn't cut it. The only times we could play was the patch day and maybe a few days after. Eventually it just became patch day.

We heard Punkbuster was to be implemented and a lot of people were extremely happy, and why wouldn't they be? A decent anti-cheat was coming.

a) Hackers: Now there are a lot of people saying they're still running into hackers on a daily basis and roughly the same amount of people are saying that there are no hackers.

Let me stop somewhere in the middle here. There will ALWAYS be hackers, regardless of what anti-cheat you have. This is a known fact, so don't dispute it.

For those who run into hackers, let me just say that you're incredibly unlucky, although it isn't surprising since people are starting to find the loopholes in PB and exploit them.

For those who say hackers don't exist, get a grip. Sure, YOU haven't run into a hacker... YET. It just hasn't happened yet and will happen at some stage, then you will start complaining like those you are hating on. Hackers are around, just consider yourself lucky enough to NOT be running into them.

b) Punkbuster (problems): Since the implementation of Punkbuster people have experienced a lot of problems from random disconnects, weird bans that last for random amounts of time, crashes, etc. In my opinion, Punkbuster has simply brought more problems to the table, in exchange for removing a good percentage of the hackers.

2) Marketplace- pay to win

Now there has been a lot of talk about the marketplace, and it's pay to win style. This is a yes AND no situation.

To me, it is pay to win for those who USE the marketplace. You're paying for items that can give you an advantage, therefore it is pay to win. This can be countered with the fact that you will lose all items upon death to various things ranging from crashes, bugged/glitched/lagged zombies, hackers, spawn campers, etc.

On the flip side, it isn't pay to win. Why? Because you don't have to use the marketplace at all. Nothing forces you to use it. The only reason people use the marketplace is because they are too lazy to play the game properly and want everything straight away (with the exclusion of guns), and they don't mind paying some cash for it.

It is as simple as that.

3) Day Z vs Day Z Standalone

Now I know this doesn't relate to Infestation at all. But I feel it needs to be discussed, even briefly.

A lot of people are saying things like "Don't buy Infestation, wait for Day Z Standalone" and are getting responses like "Day Z Standalone is full of bugs and glitches and won't be any good".

Let me be the first to say that no one can know what the standalone will even be like, because they haven't played it. Why make an assumption about a game that you've never played? What evidence is there to suggest that it will be just as bad as its predecessor? Nothing.

I'd love to put this whole debate to rest....

4) Private servers and low pop public servers

A fair few people are complaining about being killed by hackers or other players who KOS. The common response to this is "Go play on private servers or on a low pop server if you're sick of dying to hackers, etc."

Whilst this does help those people, it shouldn't really be necessary. The game is advertised and sold as an MMO. So why are we playing on private servers to begin with? It just defeats the purpose of the style of game we're playing. Granted, the map isn't big enough to house an MMO style of play but that isn't really the point.

As for low pop servers, it's the same deal. Why are there so many servers to begin with? Why not just have a few big servers so we can all play together? And I know, the map isn't big enough... but who's fault is that? You guessed right.

I'm just personally tired of seeing people suggest that others play on private servers or low pop servers because it is the only way you can play the game fairly...

5) The super mutant zombie

Now talk about a classic. This debate has been going since the beginning of time. Want the answer?

NO, it DOESN'T exist. How do I know? Look at all the cover ups the developers did the first time they said someone killed it... look at the fact that even the developers can't provide video proof of its existence.

If a developer says something is in the game, you'd think they'd have proof of it. Well these guys don't, therefore it doesn't exist. I don't care what Kewk said on a live stream. Have you heard what this guy has said in the past? What makes you think I'll believe him now? Nothing.

6) War Z vs World War Z

We all know the name of the game was recently changed to Infestation: Survivor Stories. But what a lot of people don't seem to realise is, it isn't to trick people into buying the game, but rather because War Z breached copyright laws.

In short, World War Z came first. They were well within their rights to make them change their name.

TL:DR: Sorry, but this is a thread I can't shorten. You want to know what I said, read it. I didn't spend my time writing this to provide a summary at the end.
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Caedo (Заблокирован) 21 июн. 2013 в 20:40 
^ Agreed
Thanks mate :) Let's hope others do
Caedo (Заблокирован) 21 июн. 2013 в 21:19 
I know a lot of others that do, but they're mostly busy on the official forums still. lol
Busying being not banned from them.

I was actually IP banned not long ago... haha
Caedo (Заблокирован) 21 июн. 2013 в 21:21 
yeah, I got IP banned for appealing my ban... which was exactly what the rules said to do. Such wonderfully incompetent moderators over there.

I actually just watched the video you posted by Artemis.

100% true, everything he said
Caedo (Заблокирован) 21 июн. 2013 в 21:24 
Yep. Some people on the official forums were saying that really opened their eyes. Really?? It took a childish idiot in a fluffy pink cowboy hat to open their eyes? Where have they been? lol

I've always hated that guy and it makes me feel strange to be agreeing with him now.
hahaha yeah agreed.

I never liked him personally, but after that I had a little bit of respect for him.
Caedo (Заблокирован) 21 июн. 2013 в 21:28 
Same. A bit, but not as much as I would have, had he not waited so long to do it... all the while, freely committing bannable offenses because he knew Kewk wouldn't ban him or would unban him if he did get banned.
Yeah exactly.

Anyway, people! You need to be discussing this! :P
well i watch the video and while i wont argue with the list i think he's a opportunist, fake phoney from the tip of his hat on down.

sure they need to make a long list of improvements. and we should keep pressuring them. create support tickets. ect

but this dayz/warz stuff is just nonsense. a long list of game coming out way better than these. dayz is pie in the sky. even if they did everything they did its so dated at this point. look at games like

7 days to die
dead linger
state of decay

and many more that will shortly be on steam.

u think this is cash grab. so is dayz. and worse since this at least has game mechanics that are similar to other video games. dayz is arma mess. and unless u love arma and ive played arma since before arma. u would know this. dayz is putting a square peg in the round hole that is arma engine.
This topic needs serious discussion
Caedo (Заблокирован) 22 июн. 2013 в 1:28 
Surprised there hasn't been more discussion about any of this yet.

I think something else you could have maybe added is the whole argument I keep seeing here about "Don't post hate on the game, it only cost $4 and it was great for that amount!" People are foolishly thinking everyone in this game paid that amount, when some paid considerably more previously.
nah but how much u pay does makes a difference on how u look at things.

and i dont think people all paid $4

but is it may fault they paid more or they bought it 6 or more months ago.. i knew of this game well before it became available on steam. i keep an eye out of upcoming games. i even played it for free when they had free keys and instead of throwing away my hard earned money at the time i kept it on my wish list until the price and level of functionality was right for me. some people it sounds bought it when the price and level of functionality was wrong for them...

Sun Tzu

The Art of War

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

so know theyself and know they enemy and you will never lose! its like in tic tac toe...
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Surprised there hasn't been more discussion about any of this yet.

I think something else you could have maybe added is the whole argument I keep seeing here about "Don't post hate on the game, it only cost $4 and it was great for that amount!" People are foolishly thinking everyone in this game paid that amount, when some paid considerably more previously.

Nah I didn't feel it necessary to add. Simply because I have no opinion regarding it.

Everything else I said is 100% true and if people can't see that then they're just plain idiots. Call me arrogant, I don't care.
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