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Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

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i just waited for a update , but i have still the problem that my game freeze after 20-30 mins btw i mean my pc freeze and i want to restart my pc to unfreeze it ...

so first thing. My #1 Thread got spammed away by some monkeys and flame about the steamsale.

second thing.
i feel i get never a answer about my problem , not at the "Support" not here no way.
i got a "autoreplay" email i tried all of the fixes , nothing happend still the problem.

i just write it again:
8gb RAM
ATI Readon 5670 HD
2x 3.00Ghz
Windows 7 64x Ultimate

i checked all drivers 1000 times all are up to date , i reinstalled the game 5 times + regedit files for clear reinstalled. still the problem. Pc freeze while playing.

i dont know how u devs are support but its a lil bit terrible , cause i got a problem and im not alone with it, before 4-5 updates comming my game was clear i got never a crash or something like this.
after the PB inpatch or maybe a hotfix or smaller update have ruin my game .. i mean if only the game freeze .. its okay... but the game freeze my pc , cant push alt,ctrl,entf no tab, no windowspush , only way to unfreeze is to restart my pc.

and i rly hope i got now a answer how to fix.

ty again for writtin a thread about that cause my thread got spammed away and noone answer -.-

wfg saivenn
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i already do that dude... the support is like... oh wait what? <.< ...

i just waited now for this patch , but no way still the problem that my pc freeze after 20-30 mins and its only on WarZ other games no prob i can play them 24/7 without feels the game got bad'er with more patches ...
sounds like you have a hardware / bad driver / corrupt os issue

please keep in mind the modern operating sytems run applications such as games isolated from the os and the hardware so a game cannot crash your os or machine, it can just crash itself

try making sure your hardware is not overclocked, is not over heating, that its all running properly and that your power supply is working ok

then check your os by running a command prompt as administrator and entering

sfc /scannow

also do a scan disk of your drives to make sure there is no corruption

also make sure your os and all drivers are properly updated

finally doesnt hurt to do a verify game cache..

best of luck
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Dude its for sure not my pc , i can play other games btw i mean ALL! other games 24/7 without any problems , its only WarZ.

i have try the fixes from the autoemail support , noone has work same with the "Its your hardware/baddriver thing , nothing. its for sure the game, or the PB i dont know but this game is gonna make me feel i wasted my money , just listen before the update has come with the PB or earlyer hotfix i was able to play 24/7 without freezeing my pc, but now?.... ya creepy.
if your not overheating / overclocking, dont have hardware problem, no corrupt os/drivers, no viruses, rootkits, malware, good power supply, everything is fully up to date, ect. most likely your graphics drivers. so just go to ati and get 13.6 b2 i use it without any problems and i have hd 6870 1gb and amd 1090t... and the game runs great maxed out settings

well the only way for your computer to crash is for something to go wrong with the hardware that the os cant recover from or with the os kernel itself or something running down at ring 0 like a driver.

are u sure its not just very busy. did u give it a bit of time after you pressed ctrl+alt+del

still u mention something interesting u said u can run every other game 24x7 without any problems

but did u do a scan disk to make sure that your file system is not correupt, or did you check to make sure your computer is not overheating.

make sure things like directx are up to date.

maybe even run antivirus/malware scan. you know rootkits live in ring 0 where the kernel is ;)

one thing that you can do is when the os crashes it normally creates a dmp file install windbg and open that dump file and see what exactly went wront. if it was any hardware or any driver or part of the kernel it would all be there. nice stack trace nice registers to look at memory dump. ect

you should take a look at windows application/system event for associated entry which should give you some clues as to what went wrong.

then again uve done this already and know its the game. or u didnt do any of this cause you dont know about these things and then you cant possible know its the game. it just feels good to blame it on what you dont know ;)

finally dont come here nobody can really help u go create a support ticket at warz...
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one small tidbit pb runs part of itself down at the kernel. so do many drms... and antivirus and anticheat engines.... like pb

also you can run download run pbsvc.exe to test pb to make sure its ok

if you search the web you will find there is a chance u having problems w pb at the kernel level

happens with any game if you have a corrupt pb installs... pbsvc install/test would resolve it. also pbsetup.exe to steam\steamapps\common\the war z\pb would update the definitions...

but without looking at the windows application/system logs and at the dmp file with windbg its hard to say why

so break out windbg and look in event log...

dont forget to do !analyze if i remember on the dump...
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i've got the same problem after the last patch my game freeze after a little time
is the game freezing or is your computer freezing, big difference. try ctrl+alt+del and wait a bit, a good bit, and if your os recovers its not the os, if it does not then its the os and could be for the long list of things ive noted.

post your complete hardware/os specs

do you have for example at least 4gb and hopefully 8gb, else you may just not have enough ram and its maybe thrashing ,ie your disk light goes nuts on swapping stuff from ram to disk and from disk to ram.

or perhaps its bad drivers, bad hardware, corrupt file system, corrupt files, virus, malware.

if you look at the windows application/systen event logs you can get some clues as to what happened. also look for a dmp file from the os either for the application or for the os itself.

all i can say is it runs fine for me and many others. so for those who it does not run fine for what is up with your systems... keep in mind in modern os the applications dont go directly to the hardware. there are apis like directx and then their are drivers and its all marshalled by the os. so unless there is bug in driver, directx, ect the game cant hang that os. also the os runs in ring 0 which is protected from application running on ring 3. all an application can do is something wrong and the os will terminate it. sure it can hang itself doing basical a tight loop and eating its whole timeslice, but it cant hang the os which premptively schedules things... sure it can ask for too much ram it if u dont have enough and eventually the os will just give up and terminate it... but unless the os or something at that level flakes out the application cant cause it.
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The game is not responding in the ctrl +alt+del panel ^^ only after this last patch.

Before i could play very well at max settings with no problems.

win 7 64 bits
i7 2600 k
8 go of ddr3
and the game is on a SSD since i've bought this game.
all hardwares and programs updates ok
(maybe an attack of cybermen in my warz folder's ;) )
Автор останньої редакції: Blackstormer007; 20 чер 2013 о 5:05
Ya Pnb works correctly no errors on testing , all hardwares and programs are ok too, i checked it , and same as Black but earlyer , i got this error after Punkbuster inpatch. ... so it can be only the game ..
I have the same problem. After the last update my pc freeze. I have a authentic gun machine.

I7 3930K
16GB Ram DDR3
GTX 680
Windows 8 - 64 bits.

This game is incredible, much errors and bugs is not complete game, very uncomplete, I think this is fase : pre-alpha of the game.
did u go in the medical center in clear view there is known issue there where the game freezes. not ctrl+alt+del freezed...

notice u all have nvidia. sounds like bad drivers. people in rs/ro2 having same problem with nvidia drivers doing the same thing...

i on the other hand have ati with their crappy drivers, but at least im not freezing in game only with mozilla.. ;)
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problem resolve for me , after checking the integrity of the game cache , steam download eight files and this problem go away for me ;)
You could save yourself the trouble and refund the game, to save you time and money
why refund the game? it's better patch after patch and no sign of cheaters since i play .
This game is better now and far far away of the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ launch.
And when the new maps and contents will come i think it will be a very good investment for all who hesitate.

(sry for my english, i'm french but i do my best to learn and speak read write your beautiful language)
Цитата допису Blackstormer007:
why refund the game? it's better patch after patch and no sign of cheaters since i play .
This game is better now and far far away of the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ launch.
And when the new maps and contents will come i think it will be a very good investment for all who hesitate.

(sry for my english, i'm french but i do my best to learn and speak read write your beautiful language)
Thnx for the nice words about english, if you decide to check youtube you can find hacks they bypass Punk so just though ill let you know
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