Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

CabaLJB 2013年1月26日上午4:58
Dev Diary 01-25-13

What sense does a group make if you still don´t have VoIP?

No word about Strongholds, Vehicles or the marketplace changes
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mr bigdad 2013年1月26日上午5:03 
Wont come ever! They already left for Russia!
CabaLJB 2013年1月26日上午5:11 
I like how most of the people in the war z forums are starting to loose their patience
Alejandro Jones 2013年1月26日上午5:20 
I could have swore sergey said himself that vehicles were like the LAST thing they will work on- if at all. Ill have to dig that up.
And Im also pretty sure he said VOIP was not possible and wont be worked on.
Skyforger 2013年1月26日上午5:25 
It's funny that the fans are back to being really gratefull and happy.
This diary is not bringing them anything they have been asking for, but they slap something together and everything is ok now?

"Hey honey I got you a cheap ring, sorry for punching the crap out you last night" , "Oh jee gawsh, everything is forgiving husband o mine.". Seriously this is beaten wife syndrome if I ever saw it.
最后由 Skyforger 编辑于; 2013年1月26日上午5:26
Skyforger 2013年1月26日上午5:31 
Lmfao, what?
I was going through the thread, then tried to go to the next page. "The administrator has banned your i.p address".
Really? I do not even have an account there, nor ever had. How can they see my i.p and what reason did they have for banning it.
Hahahahahha, wow. This is some serious russian hacking, power trip to the max.
CabaLJB 2013年1月26日上午5:42 
引用自 Skyforger
I was going through the thread, then tried to go to the next page. "The administrator has banned your i.p address".
can you get a screenshot about that? I sure that this is not allowed.
Skyforger 2013年1月26日上午6:22 
vBulletin Message
Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. To contact the administrator click here

From no where, havn't made an account. Only visited to look at threads, so they shouldn't even know I exist there.
Skyforger 2013年1月26日上午6:24 
LMFAO, hahah typed the issue into google. Got other people saying it on reddet, go to click the link.
"Sorry this subbredit has been moved" There is no trace where it went.
My god, everywhere they go they move and ban stuff.
Skyforger 2013年1月26日上午6:26 
Well someone else here experienced this.

Also that is a defender of the game that got ip banned for no reason.
I really think the warz team are trying their hardest to troll. Would be hilarious in a few weeks, "hey we are shutting down the server's, we were trolling you all along".
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