Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Singe 2012年12月18日 22時22分
Things that I sugest for this game.
After the ♥♥♥♥ storm passes about scams and ♥♥♥♥. the next rage will be about how its a Big Deathmatch with friends together on skype/voice.

Its true as of now "Bandits" get the most out of killing players as there are no rules on it and its un punished aside from on the Tab it says "bandit"

Other players That like the PvE aspect of Zombies and survivle (Even if Kinda blank and all) with out haveing to watch over there shoulder to avoid a 1 (apprantly 4 now Wtf?*edit) hour Death timer (ban) on that char.

Change death penelity.
-Killed by a player 1-3 min timer your put in a safe zone (thats closest) and you only drop random duped loot from your pack (Like food\ammo if approrate\and in rare cases a gun they are useing) (Im Saying this for a Normal char. If you play HC chars Its Perfect as is)
-Killed by your own dumb fault (falling,sarveing,shooting heroin, getting infected) Or zombies Then yea The 1-30 min death timer and you drop all your things.
I sugest this Because it will Not Remove Pvp. It makes HC feel more hardcore And makes normal Feel a bit more Safe. Bandits Get to bandit, Casuals get some set backs But It saves Some of the fustration.

Add a "badlands" area That Makes Death by a player Just like zombies. (free for all area with rewards But Risk)

Add a "Infected Warzone" area or surver Thats Jam packed with zombies That spreds and over takes areas If left unchecked (Makes the PvE players Have something to do and "interact" with the world.

I Realize that Surver hoping And stock pileing is always there.
-Limit each char to a Created Self storage. (like finding a backpack to act as your Slot On that char Only)
-As it is already Safe houses only.
-Dont make Ammo transfurable Just the gun it self.

Could also change the game By makeing a Channle Surver system rather than an ♥♥♥ load of survers. (make channle changeing Involve a cool down)
By doing this you can:
-Give players more choice and seperation on a single surver
-Makes strongholds Perty badass when they can become a "instance area" Or a Temp "Spot" on the surver map. (makes you feel a sence of ownership. if they do the island thing great IF)
-Cuts down blatent surver hopping.

I Dont expect everyone to agree.
I will proably get trolled to but its the internet.

Please Tell me with you think. (Hopefully a Dev checks this forum out to. Hell If you want Copypasta To the WarZ forum just give me alittle credit)
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The only thing I recommend with this game is the garbage bin! Away with it!
Singe 2012年12月18日 22時24分 
mr bigdad の投稿を引用:
The only thing I recommend with this game is the garbage bin! Away with it!

Im not saying im for or against it But i played it pre Steam. This is just me Venting constructive sugestions.
Singe 2012年12月18日 22時30分 
Ill just Tac this on here to.

The game Even in its status now Has a chance to be good If They progress and work at it.
Currently the zombies are a joke inless you run around the map and throw flares in a town area.
.. And only play useing a maglight.

So its no suprize that players resorted to killing eachother.

I mean If you kill a zombie you can get some cash. to buy some things from the Zombie appoc. shopping network. But Why bother If you can Make a ton of chars Find a gun and kill players to get fast acess to posable bought gear and weps.

Makes casual Scavenger chars = Walking Loot chests. Just add bullets. (or a well placed melee)
Singe 2012年12月18日 22時46分 
Also if you guys could bumbs would be nice.
Singe 2012年12月19日 19時22分 
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