Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Well... I did it... I bought the game
I feel like I made an informed decision. I read the scathing reviews, watched the video which warned me not to buy it... but I bought it anyway.

Knowing that this is still a game under development, even though its presented as a finished product makes me very wary, but somehow that did not stop me from committing money to this thing.

I am aware that the map is only a measly 75 sq. kilometers. I realise I will only find servers with up to 50 people on it. Nevertheless, I have purchased the game.

I've also played DayZ quite a bit. I really like it, even with all its current problems. I know, it's an alpha, and the two can not, and should not be compared. Furthermore, I realise that WarZ is a DayZ clone. However, somehow, the idea is just too enticing to let go of, and as a result, I have spent cash on something which may very well be a huge waste of time and effort.

I have no one to blame but myself if I end up getting hosed on this.

Here I am, preparing to be totally underwhelmed... I will post my impressions of the game a bit later.
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here's some tips join low pop worlds, sneak around like you would in skyrim or fallout, try not to use the flashlight, sprint only to get away, and try not shooting the guns at zombies and save ammo for other players.
I get the game and I don't want my money back or anything, I just want to ask if they ment to make such a garbage or they just put a 3 years old in charge? this could be a great game 5 years a go, or even today it it was on android. And what is with that pay to win crap? Do you sell me a game just to sell me gold coins? realy? if the game is based on G Coins make it free to play. I know It was a crap but I didn't expect it to be based on g coins. To bad I can't give away because i would give away my licence for free. Even an empty space on my inventory is better than this ♥♥♥♥.
Okay, so far I am not too let down, but given my low expectations, take that as you will. It's a lot smoother than DayZ, but again, that's an alpha, and this is a full on game. I enjoyed sneaking around zombies, and you can do pretty well when you're prone (z -key). I found some cool stuff, like a bag of potato chips, a bottle of water, and some ammo.

One big problem was when I found an actual gun. I was so excited, it was some kind of machine gun. However, though the gun was outlined in blue, indicating that it was an interactive item, the pick-up icon never appeared, so I could not actually pick it up and use it against the zombies who were chasing me... needless to say, I was killed.

Now the gun was kind of sticking out from behind a dead body, so maybe that was preventing me from getting to it. I don't know if it was intentionally stuck, or if the game was just buggy in this case.

The game page claimed AAA graphics, but did not quite meet these expectations. It is no Crysis, or Far Cry 2. However, the graphics are not as bad as some people have suggested, in my opinion. I would consider the graphics somewhat worse than DayZ, but similar in that they both have fairly low resoluton textures. DayZ seems more realistic in terms of lighting and with all it's different types of foliage.

Another thing, the game server shut down during my second attempt. However, it looks like they were applying some kind of patch, and when I restarted, I resumed the same character, with the same items in the same location. So that was a good experience, considering what may have happened.

DayZ has similar issues with servers shutting down. One time my DayZ game turned into some sort of ARMA II deathmatch, so that was fun. But again, DayZ is an alpha.

Anyway, I don't plan on spending any additional money on this game, and I will continue to post my thoughts here.
this game will not be supoported for long. devs already working on big rigs 2
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this game will not be supoported for long. devs already working on big rigs 2
Wow, thats an obscure reference. bravo
I would say to anyone who is interested, give it a little while and see if the devs start to deliver on their promises and continue to release updates before you put your money down. I'm not saying it won't happen, it just seems a long way from being what it was supposed to be, and will require a LOT of work to get it up to that level. Hopefully it will continue to progress, but lets wait and see.
Well, the game is somewhat frustrating. Not because of the game itself, but because of (some of) the other players. As soon as I find some cool stuff, and get equipped, someone comes out of the woodwork and snipes me. I think this is more fun if you play with a group of friends, it's kind of depressing and dissapointing when you play it alone.

For people who haven't played this, or DayZ yet, I would not call them 'games.' They are more like simulations. Your character, once dead, is pretty much gone forever, along with any items you've managed to find. So, the feeling I most associate with this game is dissapointment. I think that's sort of the point though.
Cardio is right. You are a bad person for trying to come to your own conclusions about this game by playing it. How can you live with yourself?
Well, I think your problem OP is that the features promised will never end up ingame.
They have been known to kind of lie a bit about upcoming features, and not only on the steam page:!

That said I am interested in hearing more about your open-minded playthrough of the game.
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Here I am, preparing to be totally underwhelmed... I will post my impressions of the game a bit later.
Oh, and you shall.

If you thought DayZ gets boring after a while, just imagine, a game similar to DayZ, without the gratifying learning curve, or any vehicles to speak of, then throw in 10 times as many hackers per person. Now that's The War Z! :D

Srsly though, it seems the main goal of Day Z is to get a flying vehicle and just fly around until you see someone, then parachute out and kill them, not so fun after a while, but it is fun the first couple times, there just isn't much else to do, and there is nothing like that to speak of in War Z.

Unless you consider wandering around for hours looking for someone to snipe in the face fun, I couldn't recommend this.
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OP i should point out, that Day Z is only a mod fore a much much more extremely compliacted game, that needs a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ly powerful computer to play at steady frames. alsothe arma engine was absolutly not intended to be used for zombies, thats why they are so extremely awkward.

war z on the other hand is a modification of an engine that altho wasnt intended for zombies is still a ♥♥♥♥ of alot better that arma 2's already "clunky as hell" feeling. thus IMO War Z just feels a bit better than day z, just because of the way the arma engine is.

now im sure Day Z standalone will be much more how should i say "user friendly" in just about every aspect. it will not do any better in terms of things to do in the game, unless they do what war z seems to be just pushing back.....

there needs to be something other than, spawn in, find gun, find meds.......go kill people??? if thats what your into. there needs to be user created missions, the unfortuante ability to become infected, and when you turn you die of course and an AI takes over your body, but that specific zombie will not despawn, and when others come thru and kill that zombie they of course get all that loot. stuff along those lines, theyre simple too and adds the feeling that there really is an infection, and your not just people running around killing others+zombies.

so in essence ill keep playing this because its just day z on a diff engine. until a company finally grows the damn balls to do it rightthe first time :3
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so in essence ill keep playing this because its just day z on a diff engine. until a company finally grows the damn balls to do it rightthe first time :3

I don't know if it's 'balls' that are needed, but I agree that I am playing awful (whatever we want to call this sub-genre) games until a "good" one arrives.

Day Z standalone will probably be the next "upgrade" that misses the mark by a longshot for me.

Also... much like how Dota and LoL got a name for their sub-genre (MOBAs) I think we're gonna have to decide on what to call this Dayz/Warz genre of games to make it easier to talk about it.
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Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από 1SG. XxZIOIMIBIExX:

Also... much like how Dota and LoL got a name for their sub-genre (MOBAs) I think we're gonna have to decide on what to call this Dayz/Warz genre of games to make it easier to talk about it.

how about MMOZKG :D or MMOFPZ
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how about MMOZKG :D or MMOFPZ

I feel like we can drop the whole MMO thing when we come up with the name of this genre.

Survival seems like it'd need to be in the name... possibly zombies, but maybe it is just a coincidence that we have only examples with zombies so far... could just as easily make a game in this genre set in a fallout-type world.

MOSS? Multiplayer online surival shooter?
Is it just me or did anyone else ever think that it was just too good to be true when Hammerpoint said hey look, we've made an online game that features pvp combat, that is an MMO and does feature Zombies?

I thought that it was a marketting con a day or two after I 1st played the game. They knew that people would throw themselves into this game cos 1 it featured zombies and 2 it was labelled an mmo.

To a degree, it kind of show's with the AI of the Zombies, it obviously wasn't done as well as we would have all liked which meant that inevitably it was going to be PVP based so therefor they just put zombies in it to say "hey look, its got Zombies so we aren't lying", didn't matter if they worked or not. Then they could say that they have the 2 best things about an online game in 1 shiny package, an MMO which featured Zombies but was always going to be PVP based, just to sell it too us lot.
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