Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

hey guys just want to know i played dayz and i was REALLY BORED i am not saying it s a bad game (mod) but i didn t enjoy it.I looked some gameplays on youtube about warz and i liked it just want to know why so many person hate this game what is the reason.Dayz is just a mod and i was bored 30 minutes later in the game.I just want your opinion guys because i would like so try warz (i just want freaindly discussions please i am not critisizing) sry for my spelling
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War z is good but most people just give hate cos of the devs, i personaly like it but most(all) people i've met have shot on site so you end up being a bandit anyway
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War z is good but most people just give hate cos of the devs, i personaly like it but most(all) people i've met have shot on site so you end up being a bandit anyway
do u play it?and the servers are still down?
why there si very less players in the game ?
I realy love Warz, my opnion its a great game,
because killing zombies + friends = awesome ;P

Only negative about is the walkin... if u spawn not close to a small villadge... gl on walking xD

My opnion on warz: Its focking awesome !;')
the servers are down yes propberly hackers
I have both games and I enjoy WarZ a lot more over DayZ. Feels like it's easier to group up, find weapons, ammo, and me and my friends have a blast. Sure, it's got issues. Graphics aren't the best, animations are wonky as hell, but it keeps us laughing. I think most of the hate comes from trolling, and people being unforgiving towards the early release on steam and one of the devs not being uh.. good with public relations. But the game itself? I think it's great for 15$ and I've been playing since Alpha. I would ignore the hate and try the game for yourself. The only person you can really trust to know what you like or don't like is yourself, afterall.
I agree most people i know hate the game but i do like it despite the banditos
both games are goot but i hate the devs from twz ... xD i was a ripoff at start and its kinda now.
But on the other hand. its a good game. Got fast Action and more action. dayz got tactic and less action but more to do what i prefer. but if war z gets what it should have it will be good.
so iam saying if u like fast action and less tactics play warz , when u like more tactics less action play dayz. both games are good.

but one thing is annoying as hell... war z got many hackers !
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I wanted to like Dayz cos I know it has alot to it but I couldn't get past the obvious flaws and get into it. Warz on the otherhand even with it's flaws I find myself having great fun with it as the flaws aren't as serious as Dayz.
In Dayz everything is just too clunky your guys moves like a zombie plus combat sucks in my opion
Yeah, the devs at WarZ aren't the best. There's been favoritism with streamers, dishonesty and other flaws. While that is human nature, I think they need to work on their public relations and professionalism a bit more. But I try not to judge games based on the people behind them. I've played a lot of games and for all I know, half of them could have been made by complete asshats. If a coach of a sports team or a favored athlete goes off and rapes, kills or does something horrible, you don't blame the entire team. I feel that way about games. It takes a lot more than one or two people to make a game. Fault the people individually, not the entire game team or game itself. That's my opinion.
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any idea when the servers will work again because i would like to buy it
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