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Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

A Theoretical Discussion
What with the DayZ/WarZ subject, a thought came to mind. If I were, theoretically, to make a zombie game, would it potentially be judged because such a game as DayZ already exists?

I'll admit probably not, what with there being hundreds of zombie games out there, but amuse me by answering.

[Putting this what with all the disapointing crap to read about, and also I actually do want to make games and animation and the like, actually taking a class that will be teaching me how to use such an engine as Unity]
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Skyforger Mar 24, 2013 @ 8:45am 
No, if anything it would be even better, as we would be able to see how much work and care you would put into it(if you did that was) compared to the liers at HP.

I.e, the dead linger. After warz came out and all the crap started happening, I came across the dead linger, and bought it instantly. As I could see developers that actually cared, and massive content updates/new builds every 2-3 weeks.
They arn't in it for some quick money sell out cash grab.

Wait, the only way you could be judged is if you called it something z like evil people at hammerpoint did. Like zombiez, or lololmoneyz, or liez.
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Interestingly enough I only just heard of Dead Linger yesterday from these forums, will look into it. But yeah, I would want it to be good. Actually for one my current classes, Game Engines 1, we have to come up with an idea by April 1st for our final, even though the class had just started(tempted to make a horror and call it April Fools, but probably not), have been brainstorming for days. Not sure if we will learn anything on AI though, so probably gonna do something like Baby Blues or a monsterless Amnesia.
As to respond to your edit on the use of "Z", so you are saying only they can use that? I had a comic once that used that very thing, so you are saying I couldn't bring it back under the same title just because someone else more popular already has done it?

*bring it back in any form, be it a comic, a book, an animated movie, or a game

Edit: This is just to spark debate, the idea I had back then was nice, but the title was cheesy ;)
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onionspam Mar 24, 2013 @ 9:01am 
"zombie game" is too big of a category...DayZ and WarZ both fit into a tighter category, call it "zombie-focused scavenging simulator"...when you have two games that both fit into the same sub-category like that then I don't think reviewers can help but to compare them a little, even if they don't realize they are doing it. Expectations are set by the first game the reviewer plays in that category, and the expectations affect every following game.
A good point, and both are MMO, which I admit I'm not prone to wanting to work with ever(too many hackers, and too many MMOs to compete with at this time).
onionspam Mar 24, 2013 @ 9:10am 
Originally posted by Among the Marked.j2:
A good point, and both are MMO, which I admit I'm not prone to wanting to work with ever(too many hackers, and too many MMOs to compete with at this time).

Now if you were to make a co-op horde-type zombie shooter game you would most certainly be judged based on left4dead (at least l4d would serve as a benchmark).
Tried to think of other purely co-op horde-type shooters. That was a toughy, so yeah, L4D would be that benchmark. I'll admit though I'd go a different way around a game like that, I personally found the L4D games got boring after awhile, really the best part was playing the zombie and going against friends.
onionspam Mar 24, 2013 @ 9:26am 
What I've wanted to see for awhile is a top-down twin-stick zombie shooter that focuses on an open world exploration survival DayZ and fallout 3 combined with all those twin-stick shooters...
When you say twin-stick I think the arcade games where both players have targets to shoot, like Area 51. But looking up the topic I came across a game called Dead Nation for the PS3.

Making an open world exploration game that is also a top down, that would get frustrating for the eyes. Maybe if the "Open World" was a map, and in Mario-esque fashion you move your characters from zone to zone, select, then select an area within that zone, and when you are playing a given area you have a top down level from that point til the end when you come back to the Map Menu.
Wait I just remembered a game I heard of once, looking it up now.

Edit: FOUND IT, Dead Frontier
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Dead Frontier appears to be what you just mentioned, though I'll admit I never took the time to play it. Just might.
Snake XT :( Mar 24, 2013 @ 9:50am 
I don't think you could make a good survival game because there will be too many people to please and you can't please them all.
Among the Marked.J2 Mar 24, 2013 @ 10:02am 
And that's the challenge ;3
As a mention I'd probably not do anything like anytime soon, because as I said I don't know if we'll be learning how to code AI. Then again we'll, to my understanding, make our own models out of game with Maya 2013(a previous class taught us the basics of that, and a newer class is teaching more), so I don't truly know what to expect.
Snake XT :( Mar 24, 2013 @ 12:22pm 
I think for the most part players prefer the AI to be somewhat intelligent.. excluding pvp altogother. Zombies far as I know..from games and movies

- react to light exc the sun
- over-active esp at night
- some zombies get burned by the sun
- they stick together in hordes
- single zombie easy to kill, more than one its a challenge, too many you can't survive.
- find a good source of food they can be easily bypassed
- some are slow, some can catch up to you
- some are easy to push away if they grab you, some won't be.
- survivor panics - give the option to make a split second choice - fight or flight (run)
- shots attract zombies
- the stench of dead on survivors - zombies don't react
- rain cleanses the stench, zombies will become aware
- zombies without legs can still crawl to you
- and more i didn't mention..

overall zombies eventually ADAPT to what you do. you climbed a ladder, eventually a zombie out of the horde will figure this out and persue you. No place is safe

Hell this is just my fantasy of a survival zombie game. If these elements are included, it will blow any zombie game out of the water.
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Among the Marked.J2 Mar 24, 2013 @ 12:57pm 
Nothing wrong with a fantasy
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