Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Hi All
I gt Disconnect 2 many times, after spawning. I have Ultra setting but my pc can run in ultra. (GTX 460 1GB,FX8320,4GB DDR3) and i get DC at spawn after i select and load the server.
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I've got the same problem
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i have 80mbit download speed and 20mbit upload speed, so my connection is good..
its not about the speed of your internet connection... that means little here...

so go back and do these things if you have not already done so

make sure if you have wireless that is has a good strong signal and there is nothing like lights or other electronics interfering with it

also make sure you have do a tracert to the server and ping low... under 100 is good...

also make sure nothing is showin gup in your firewall/router logs or windows application/system logs...

so your internet bandwidth is really not an issue... i bet if you had less than a 1MB with low ping and ethernet cable and nobody else was using it and the internet connection (hops) were good it would work just fine... the rest is big pipe passing a small drip... so its the quality that counts, can it deliver that drip reliably and in a timely manner...

also could also be due to the fact that you have only 4gb and the game really requires windows 64-bit on box with like 8gb of ram so that the game and the os and whatever other stuff you have all fits in memory

with only a 4gb box you really dont have enough system memory of the game and the os and all the other stuff that you may have

so consider upgrading to windows 64bit if you only have windows 32bit and getting 8gb of ram, not jsut for this game, but for most games of this type coming out...

check the hardware requirements it need windows 64-bit and 4gb for the game... so the os has to go somewhere else and so does all the other stuff that you may have like steam. and i dont mean swap file...

the os depending on version you have takes 512mb to 1.5gb. and if your running 64bit version of windows with only 4gb of ram you are using 1/3 more memory just for larger code size without any benefits of 64-bit address space... so you have even less memory actually available for your applications, like this game, hey pointers are double in size!
I have Fresh windows, My Game on SSD, Not have Router, and i now obtain 8GB Corsair vengeance 1600 MHZ Memory i have Windows 7 SP1 x64
great i guess

windows 7 64bit is a very good choice i think. cause windows 8.1 is really sad... hopefully windows 8.2 will be better, but i doubt it... even with the start button going back they have broken so many little things on the desktop cause of charms and because of other changes including to api/drivers and the whole modern ui eating up space...

also 8gb is good for not just this game but with many new games... now the thing holding you back is your cpu/gpu, but that is for another day.... since its amd you should be able to upgrade that easy enough and same for gpu... amd is dirt cheap, but sadly it cant hold water to even older intels cause internally their core is very old instruction set implementation what was once very nice vs intel, but has long shown its age... and amd made mistake of putting effort into mutlicore and not redone the implementation of its instruction set.. but that is water underbridge now... 8350 is faster. or you can just try overclocking if you have nice air ventilated box

i have 2+ yr old amd 1090t / ati 6820, 16gb (but that is cause i work development) , 128gb ssd system, 1tb programs, 1tb workspace... and i actually run this and many other games including bf4 very nicely 1920x1200.. but its starting to show its age.

my next box intel 6/12 core/thread, 16-32gb, new gpu with 2-3gb, much bigger ssd, and most likely raid 0 programs and workspace for speed and add raid 1 backups for safety

so are you still having problems?

it should work just fine, well except for tonight cause of all the people trying to do the upgrade and play the new release.

so you come at a bad time to try sometime...

also so how are you connecting to the internet....

who is your carrier

what country are you in....

do a tracert to their server.

also your cpu/gpu is very low for this game so for now set video settings to lowest possible values and disable everything you can...

later you can increase them to what your hardware can support.

but at least take that out of the equation...
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