Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

Septic Nov 12, 2013 @ 11:33pm
What do you think of the new added stuff?
Hey guys Septic here i was just wondering if any1 out there have some positive and negative to say about the new added content?

Degensystem: Nice that we have that element to take into consideration when goin PVE or PVP but still needs some tweaking, Guns loose way to fast durabilty and then there is the whole repairkit issue 1 Premium Repkit (1300GD) and only fixxes one item then its used, is a bit high if you ask me when full gear repair often costs 3-400GD at a repairbench. Otherwise leave the repairbench as they are they are reasonable.

Healthsystem: Also a cool new feature that forces new thinking(not much but still) and approches on cities etc. But what i still dint understand is why ppl can jump from the bridge in campos and not take a simgle amount of damage when keeping running/walking forward a drop from the brigde and you take damage and often end up bleeding too. Got a full skilltree and it takes about 4-5 hits from z's to sometimes give me the bleeding effect that need some looking into aswell.

Crafting/Skill-system: Super cool all the items i ever wanted im able to craft so nice i cant wait. And therin lays the problem for me i can gather a lot of mats even blueprints so i can craft items but the durability of those items or next to none existent 3 swings a z with the hammerthingy and its basicly broken why release a system that we cant even skill up for makes no sense the way it is atm as far as i can see the only thing useable is the c4 but if it has the same damage as the nade then its useless against the undead.

Day/Nightcycle: Well i kinda see what the devs where aiming for or at least i think i do;) The faster D/Ncycle gives players without nvg's a possibility to also enjoy the game but brings up another problem or its more something i've been wondering about; would the faster D/N not mean that our hunger/thirst meter will decrease faster? Or is it just me that thinks that?

Performance: Well at least for me and most of the player on my PS the game runs smother and with less DC's and random PB kicks but in some areas the shadows are a bit too heavy and dark and at least for me the FPS drops in cities are almost gone(can drop to 20-30 at night with lots of z's around) but somehow i still hit rock bottom when strolling through the forrests getting FPS around 13-19 but still lets me go on and not kicking me like in the past.

Well that were my 2 cents on the matter im sure i forgot alot but what do you guys think?
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The doctor is in Nov 12, 2013 @ 11:58pm 
re: degeneration/repair

i think that they should do like dead island series. they should add/expand like skill tree to to have degeneration rate (slow degeneration down) and ability to repair rate (increase repair rate / lower cost to repair). and add a repair table or station at different locations on the map, perhaps in safezones which could costs like ingame money and get rid of like the repair per use item that you have to buy... they should also allow partial repair and upgrade item states for like ingame money. agian sort of like dead island...
Viva La Me! Nov 18, 2013 @ 2:55am 
health-really nice
crafting-dunno, havent found any recipie yet:)
day/night- i ont like it, it's too short in my opinion
AutisticPenguin Nov 18, 2013 @ 5:55am 
I like the sound of everything else.
But the day/night cycle is way too short in my opinion. I mean, I Can play for 4-5hours with my brother, and go through around 3 nights, and 2days? It's stupid 'cause half the time we can't find NVG's and yeah. we get buttraped by other people.
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