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Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

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rawbzy Feb 21, 2014 @ 12:01pm
Discussion - Account Closures - 2/21/14
Greetings everyone, Ravage here.

Hammerpoint works closely with our vendors to continually improve our anti-cheats. As a result of a recent breakthrough, thousands of cheating accounts are being permanently closed. Both as a business and as a family of gamers, it grieves us to see so many closures. However, we take exploit abuse and hacking very seriously, as they create an unbalanced, unfair and ultimately degenerate play environment. Thus, it is our responsibility to take action whenever possible.

We encourage anyone who lost access to the game as a result of these closures to carefully consider embracing fair play online. Also, the importance of account security, including never sharing login information or accounts, cannot be overstated. This can help you avoid account closure due to the actions of a friend or family member who may not share your views on fair play or the value of the account being used.

We thank the Infestation community for your patience as we roll out continuous improvements in every aspect of our games.

Please limit discussions regarding this announcement to the following thread:
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