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Masochist 5400/6000 ??
Yesterday when I was playing dd,steam client popped a message shown "Masochist 5400/6000" in the left corner.I guess it could be 5400 minutes / 6000 minutes?I can't believe that I have played 198 hours but I have only spent 90 hours in the dungeons?And I remember this message was popped in the past when I have played almost 100 hours.Now I hope that I can get Masochist in the next 10~20 hours.
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Please post here when you do get the achievement and give a rough number of the hours that have past since you got this 90% indication.

There's a 50%, 75% and 90% indication popups as stated from one of the patch release notes. I only saw up to the 75% indication. And I have way more hours than you (even though I know they only count time in dungeons but it's still hard to believe that we have not reached the 100 hours mark), so like you, I am also perplexed by it.
Laatst bewerkt door ~'(^ + ^)'~; 24 apr 2014 om 2:33
Hm I have never even seen such a popup and steam already counts more than 270 hours.
But as it's said that the Steam count is unreliable, I will do a quick calculation:
Just considering the normal map and no extra challenges (which I have all completed):
Only counting class badges:
5(directions)*4(easy+normal+hard dungeons)*11(badges, thanks to PQI equally distributed) = 220 runs, then I can also add GT and vicious tokens and come up with 233.
This means that I completed every dungeon in less than 100*60/233 = 25,75 minutes.
I agree that this is somewhere around the typical time of a normal dungeon and doesn't sound that way off, but in the calculation are also no failed and double class runs included.
So I don't know, if class challenges are not included I might even be below those 100 hours, but I am not really convinced of it.
I think I earned it when I hit around 170-185 hours played according to the Steam count.
Finally get Masochist!I have spent 228 hours totally and 30 hours since 5400/6000.I always play normal dungeons in these 30 hours(no class challenge dungeon no puzzle dungeon).
Laatst bewerkt door superdqfan; 7 mei 2014 om 3:48
cool, congrats!
I got this too! Finally. And guess what, I got it what trying the Dark Souls quest which I have yet to complete. Just a guess on my part, but I think somehow the timer tracks time properly especially when you are doing dungeons as part of active quests (cos the first time I saw the 50% marker for it was also while attempting the Hard Gaan-Telet quest).

Or it could be that it tracks time more accurately when you are attempting quests and you are losing them (you either leave the dungeon prematurely or die before you can complete it). It's just a guess.
Laatst bewerkt door ~'(^ + ^)'~; 6 jun 2014 om 18:38
Awesome! Congratulations!
Hm that Quest theory is interesting. In that case I won't be able to get the achievement anymore I guess, as the only quest I have left is the PQI, which probably doesn't count in that regard. I also haven't seen any progress information, though I have every dungeon (except vicious and GT) completed 14 times now (which should be really much more than 100 hours in total). So I really think there is something wrong with this achievement... Maybe the creation of a second kingdom for testing purposes destroyed all progress whatsoever?
I don't know for sure about whether creating more than 1 kingdom will mess up with the progress. Before your post, I would actually think that creating a new kingdom so as to get active quests again would be the way to work towards the progress of this achievement (I would suppose the achievement is tied to the user rather than to each kingdom profile).

Unless we can get statistics regarding this:
1. Does all people who have Masochist only have 1 kingdom?
2. Are there people without Masochist that only have 1 kingdom? (not sure about this, but I am guessing less than 50% of all steam players have multiple kingdoms, just purely my guess)

It's all just speculation on my part (my theory above). Also I have kept my DD account logged in for the past 20+ hours of play time in the hopes that somehow logging in will track the time more accurately.
Laatst bewerkt door ~'(^ + ^)'~; 7 jun 2014 om 14:24
This achievement stills seems to be seriously bugged.

Yes, I know very well that Steam's "hours played" and Masochist's "hours spent in dungeons" are not the same thing. I have over 300 hours played at this point, around 48-49 of which are the result of me leaving the game running overnight while in a dungeon and retiring the hero in the morning. The last time I did that, I got a prompt that said my progress was "3,194/6000".

So, discounting those 48 hours spent sitting on dungeon screens, are you seriously telling me that I managed to beat every single challenge, every single dungeon and every single quest (with the exception of Dark Souls) in less than six hours? Something doesn't add up here. Could someone please shed some light on this?

To the poster above: I have two kingdoms and I got the prompt after the second kingdom was already created (about a day ago).
I do feel that the achievement is bugged too. Somehow, it only tracks the time for certain runs:
According to my guess, only dungeon runs that count towards active quests (somehow PQI is/is not included, not sure) have their times tracked properly.

We don't know the exact implementation but some of us (me at least) think that guild puzzles, class challenges don't seem to be accounted for (and possibly also general runs that are not part of any quests).

I am not sure if logging in to your DD account would make any difference, @Omnisciurus, do you play with your DD account logged in?

@Omnisciurus, from what you mentioned, I would suppose that having multiple kingdoms should not interfere with getting Masochist (at least you saw the prompt).
Hm I just got another thought, maybe the time for this achievement is only tracked for UNSUCCESSFUL runs? As you mentioned you got in when you failed the dark souls quest. I guess if this is really the case then it also make sense, as I haven't failed that many dungeons at all.
Laatst bewerkt door Gakato; 9 jun 2014 om 5:01
That's entirely possible, it could be that it only adds on the time spent on failed runs (not sure if just running away would also count as a failed run or only runs where you die).

It would make perfect sense for why I have not been able to see the last 90% progress indicator after the 75% one - I only lose rarely due to accidental clicks and also sometimes when in vicious dungeons (but I don't do much of them anyway) and sometimes in certain more tricky dungeons like shifting passages (just got stuck with no choice but to die).

Also makes sense when the tracked time got piled up quickly when I failed many times when I first tried Hard Gaan-Telet and also when I failed many times when doing the Dark Souls quest (was trying to do vampire and scumming for platemail).

If this is the case, the achievement should be easy to get as you only need to lose in dungeons up to 100 hours. Most probably, most players who lose often don't put in enough hours to hit 100 hours and those who put in many hours are generally good at the game and don't lose often (<10% of the runs).
Laatst bewerkt door ~'(^ + ^)'~; 9 jun 2014 om 6:38
Well, if that's the case, I guess I'll need to keep the game running for a few more nights. I just think it's weird that the conditions aren't really explained all that clearly.

Considering the name of the achievement, I think it actually makes sense if it only took failed runs into account. I play very methodically (in other words, slowly) and it can take me about an hour to finish a dungeon run, but I virutally never die. I only noticed the prompt for the first time once I started piling up the hours by letting the game run overnight. Six hours worth of failed dungeon runs out of 300 seems about right.

By the way, retiring apparently works fine, because I saw the prompt immediately after I clicked the "retire" button and the post-dungeon character screen popped up.
Ok, please post here when you do get the achievement for the benefit of those who are trying to get it.

And let all the dedicated DD players who are just missing this 1 achievement get 100%.
I got it in a successful run.I think it don't care you win or lose or retire a game.
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