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@ 1762 X 992 Resolution?
The best working resolution for my computer has oddly always been 1762 X 992. I've had multiple issues with games in the past, and I believe I am having the same issues now because of my resolution. I don't know much about working with Windows 8.1, and I am unsure of what I need to do. Should I do something about my screen's resolution? Is there a good way to fix my issues with the games themselves? What do I have to do to avoid having these problems anymore?
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BenTeam17 Sep 11, 2014 @ 6:36am 
Hey Baby Wolfie,

We're sorry to hear about this.
While we're not entirely sure what the problem is from your message, we have some steps to force the game into this resolution:

1. Launch Steam
2. Navigate to the Library tab
3. Right-click on Worms Reloaded
4. Choose Properties
5. Click the Local Files tab
6. Press Browse Local Files
7. Open the file Local.cfg
8. Edit the /w: parameter to 1762
9. Edit the /h: parameter to 992
10. Save the file and close it

Now, when you launch the game it should run in your desired resolution.
If you have any more problems, please get back with an expanded description of the issue and we'll do our best to help you further.

Baby Wolfie ☆ Sep 11, 2014 @ 10:25pm 
The problem that I have is that that file extension doesn't exist. The only CFG file I have is default.cfg. That file doesn't have anything other than this in it:


Is that possibly where I am getting the error? I have tried uninstalling it, then re-installing it, and I have gotten nowhere with that approach.
BenTeam17 Sep 12, 2014 @ 2:03am 
Hey again baby Wolfie,

The local.cfg file is usually created when any video changes are made by the player.
In the presence of this file, the game will adopt the players own settings over the default.

If there isn't a local.cfg already, lets just make on!

1. Get into the folder where the local.cfg should be
2. Right-click in some blank space within the window
3. Go down to New and expand the selection
4. Choose Text Document
5. Copy the information below into the file
6. Save the file as 'local.cfg'

[b[Contents as below[/b] (not including this line)


You may want to change the refresh rate to match your monitors native refresh.
Also, you can switch /FS to /WIN to run the game in windowed mode if you'd prefer.

Hope that you have more luck with these steps.

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