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NASCAR The Game: 2013

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Toothless Jul 4, 2013 @ 2:11am
Patch Notes Archive
Patch Notes: 18/06/13

- Improved stability.

- Improved support for devices - Gamepad and wheels.
- More devices supported (still adding more).
- Fix for keybinding issue.

- Some mix levels fixed.
- Fix for audio freezing.

- Improvements for cars maintaining an alongside position during braking and overtaking.
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Toothless Jul 4, 2013 @ 2:13am 
Patch Notes: 25/06/13

- Several crash fixes have been implemented.
- Fix for crash issue when sometimes entering\leaving the vinyl shop.
- Fix for game crash before ‘Press Start’.

- Improved AI pack racing.
- AI improvements on Road courses and Ovals.

- Push to Talk fix.
- General fixes.

- Added extra graphics settings for lower spec machines.

- Option added to restore default configuration.
- Improved Xbox360 pad support.
- Added or updated support for the following controllers and many more not listed:
- Logitech G25 and G27 with H shifter.
- G27 Gear indicator implemented.
- Fanatec Porsche, CSR, Clubsport and Elite and H Shifter.
- MOMO wheel.
- Thrustmaster 430, 458, Universal Challenge, Ferrari GT, T500RS, Race Leader and RGT.
- Driving Force and Driving Force Pro and Driving Force Pro GT.
- Various Trust 5 in 1 wheels.
- Manual gears working on paddles and buttons.
- Fix for crash on startup when multiple control devices were detected.

*It would be best for anyone using these controllers to use the default reset option, then re-assign after this.

-Ability to import and export tuning setups.

Paint Booth
- Decals can't be placed/moved off the canvas.
- Window surrounds no longer get painted.
- Importing schemes improved.

- Shark fin on GEN6 cars are now transparent.
- More realistic GEN6 aero values.
- AI balance for GEN6 cars.
- Lap time fixes.
- Photo export to Steam.
- Payouts for events fixed.
- Added extra highlights package.
- Fix for collisions sometimes causing cars to launch into air.
- Updated shootout in career to reflect changes for 2013 season.
- Changes to controls in the paintbooth.
- Fixed shootout in Season Mode when using Tony Stewart.
- Fix for negative version of screen sometimes manifesting.
- Some livery fixes.
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Toothless Jul 9, 2013 @ 1:17pm 
Patch Notes: 03/07/13

- Highlights for Michigan and Sonoma.
- Options for higher quality shadows and rear view mirror.

- Can now mix and match devices, such as wheels and pedals from different sets.
- Wheel lock detection for T500RS.
- Fanatec steering wheel display for speed and RPM.

- Further crash fixes implemented.
- Fix for cars kicking up under collision.
- 200 laps in the Auto Club 400 event.
- Fix for the Jumbotron on Charlotte.
Toothless Jul 17, 2013 @ 9:22am 
Patch Notes: 09/07/13

- Multiplayer is now available.

- Several crash fixes, including video playback on start up.

- Several updates across all tracks.
- Race logic improvements.
- Speed increase across all tracks.

- Hi-Res vehicle liveries option.
- Hi-Res reflections option

- Several controller updates.
Toothless Jul 24, 2013 @ 9:36am 
Patch Notes: 24/07/13

- Fixed crash in sound and renderer.
- Several community related issues fixed.
- Black flag for speeding in pit lane.

- Updated and added more controller types, including bodnar cables.

- Speed increases for Non-plate tracks.
- Draft improvements for plate tracks.
- Improved brake checking.

- Updates to surging at the start line.
- Ghosting of cars due to packet loss.

- Visual damage turned back on
Mr Dave T Jul 26, 2013 @ 8:27am 
Patch Notes: 24/07/13

- VAC anti cheat system.
- 3 new highlights packages. Daytona, Kentucky and New Hampshire.
- Player name now appears on windscreen of career car.

- Paint booth interface.
- Fuel and Tyre wear can now be set independently.
- Laps led added to results screen.
- Ghosting of cars now takes into consideration distance from player.
- Voice chat now has a default key assigned.
- High Texture quality now only gives the player high resolution liveries, Ultra gives all cars high resolution liveries.
- Audio mix for speech changed.

- Changes to sponsors that require consecutive wins.
- Tutorial fix to use 2013 cars.
- Invalid lap time penalties on Sonoma.
- Tyre blowouts have an increased detrimental effect to handling.
- Pitstop repairs now actually repair.
- Headlight and taillight numbers fixed across all texture qualities.
- Able to join a multiplayer game from an invite before pressing start.

- CSR wheel and CSPv2 pedals working.
- Allow gears to be assigned, allowing separate shifters to be used.
- Fix for Microsoft Sidewinder FFB causing a drop in framerate.

- AI balancing across all tracks.
- Fix for AI weakening as a race progresses.

- Improved the collisions in the caution replays.

- Fixed occasional crash on returning to race shop.
- Fixed specific crash on swapping controllers and reassigning buttons.
Mr Dave T Jul 26, 2013 @ 8:29am 
Patch Notes: 25/07/13

- Fix for game crashing after press start screen.
- Crash fix for the vinyl shop.
- Fix for crash in online lobby related to custom liveries.
- Fix for crash in cautions.
- Fix for crash when exiting the game.
- Misc crash fixes
Toothless Jul 31, 2013 @ 8:36am 
Patch Notes: 26/07/13

- Improved steering wheel compatibility including fixes to multi-dive FFB.
- Improved multiple monitor support.
- Fixed crash when attempting to exceed the maximum number of tuning setups.
- Fixed crash in multi-player lobby.
- Fixed various crashes in the paint booth.
- Fixed AI failing to pit if they blow a tire after the yellow flag is flown.

- Increased the number of custom tuning setups from 100 to 250.
- Steam Trading Cards
Toothless Sep 4, 2013 @ 7:10am 
Patch Notes: 31/07/13

- Crash fixes in paint booth.
- Crash fix on booting the game.
- Crash fix on host losing connection in a lobby.

- AI will give the player more space to race.
- When the player makes contact with the AI, the AI will get loose.
- General speed improvements, especially on road courses.
Toothless Sep 4, 2013 @ 7:11am 
Patch Notes: 1/8/13

- Reduction in how loose the AI get when in contact with the player
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dogryan100 Sep 28, 2013 @ 2:59pm 
Patch Notes: 09/09/13


- AI Balancing for Hard\Champion
- Fix for tuning issue where values would not save correctly
- Fix for Cars not on track during practice in multiplayer
- Fix for cars not on track after pitting under green in multiplayer
dogryan100 Sep 28, 2013 @ 3:00pm 
Patch Notes: 13/09/13

- Fixed freeze when moving between Multi-player and Single-player
- Preparation work for DLC
dogryan100 Sep 28, 2013 @ 3:00pm 
Patch Notes: 19/09/13

Crash fixes
- Fix for Crash to Desktop from Infield Garage
- Fix for 2 random crashes in Paintbooth
dogryan100 Sep 28, 2013 @ 3:04pm 
1.1 Patch Notes - 06/09/13


- Added new highlights.
- Several crash to desktop fixes.
- Fixed occasional crash on game boot.
- Crash fix when returning to the team shop.
- Valve Anti-Cheat turned on.
- Fixed estimated laps of fuel occasionally being wrong under caution.
- Fixed taking screenshots resulting in a soft lock.
- Taking screenshots in photo mode no longer shows the details dialogue twice.
- Improvements to rear view mirror.
- Mouse input correct when running full screen.
- Cautions now show more footage from the start of the incident.
- Fixed highlights and Head to Head events.
- Re-balanced highlights.
- When applying a setup, the interface defaults to the currently applied set up.
- Laps lead is displayed on the results screen.
- Skill rating now displays correctly on the results screen.
- Reduced full lap amount on Phoenix.
- Moving or resizing the window no longer stalls the game.


- Improved tyre damage model.
- Improved damage area calculation.
- Overall damage system re-balanced.

Artificial Intelligence

- AI will now DNF.
- Improvements to AI tire wear on all tracks.
- AI practice and Qualifying times improved.
- AI improvements across all tracks.
- Improved AI cornering on road courses.
- AI balancing on all tracks.
- AI improvements on pit entry and exit on most tracks, better entry and exit awareness.
- AI overtaking fixes, more movement should be seen in pack racing, cars detect and pass those that are pitting and can trigger a faster overtake mid corner where necessary.
- Fix for the entire AI field pitting on tracks using high fuel or tire wear rates with back to back cautions.
- Improvements to AI lap times with reduced brake checking in Turns.


- Added No Collision races.
- Fixed crash when the host left the race.
- Fixed track detail card in the lobby not always showing correct data when first entering.
- Improvements to sync on pace lap under caution when online.
- Steam server list support.
- Fixed opponent drivers using the wrong suits in multiplayer.
- Fix for ghosting occurring incorrectly on pace lap under caution when online.
- Display a message in the lobby interface when synchronising is occurring.
- General improvements to car motions on the track & racing at a close distance.
- Vote to Ghost in multiplayer games, excluding private.
- Fixed issues with host migration.
- Fixed DNF's appearing at the top of the results table.
- Invites can be accepted when in single player game.
- Fixed lap amounts on Atlanta Night, Charlotte Day, Darlington Day, Kentucky Day and Richmond Day.
- Improvements to single file cautions in mulitplayer.
- Improved rolling starts in multiplayer


- Fixed occasional strange button names when using multiple devices.
- Steering sensitivity working as expected, may need user to change to get preferred feel.
- Fixed force feedback issues when using multiple devices.
- Added steering linearity option for all controller types.
- ECCI wheel support.
- Added clutch deadzone settings.

Paint Shop

- Fixed missing layer images in the paint shop.
- Hang changing focus while in paint shop fixed.
- Camera controls correct after saving in paint shop.
- Ctrl+S will quick save the paint scheme you are currently editing in the paint shop.
dogryan100 Oct 9, 2013 @ 4:39am 
Patch Notes: 09/10/13


- Fix for black screen on startup.
- Fix added for blowing tires with little contact.
- Interface issue fixed on pitting at Bristol.
- Controller fix for double assigning buttons.
- Zoom in photo mode fixed.
- Speed adjustment when adding action points in replay fixed.

AI Updates

- Las Vegas and Indianapolis updates.
- Fixed issue where AI would run wide and blow tires when tire wear was set to 4x and tire damage was enabled. Noticed on Champion difficulty on Indianapolis.
- Many AI pitstop Entry and Exit improvements.
- AI cars now drive correctly with blown tires.
- Fixed issue with slow cars on entry to pits.
- Several minor AI issues fixed.
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