Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

Milkyouai 2013年8月18日上午10:59
duke nukem megaton edition
bonjour voila j'aimerait mettre le jeu en francais mais je ne sait pas comment faire qui peut m'aider?
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Aydan 2013年8月18日上午11:00 
He's asking if he can put the game into French for those who don't understand. If you know, please post here.
Milkyouai 2013年8月18日上午11:02 
thank's for you'r help
Matt 2013年8月18日上午11:21 
The game only supports English if I'm remembering correctly
Milkyouai 2013年8月18日上午11:59 
okey tank you
Milkyouai 2013年8月18日上午11:59 
Aydan 2013年8月18日下午2:02 
The game uses very BASIC English so you should be okay :)
>M@tEo$< 2013年8月18日下午2:19 
There were a mod with French voices (not bad at all in fact), I could try to dig it from a friend of mine mind x)

Edit: Links are dead, and the file can't be find by its name on the Internet, retrieved through the Wayback Machine. And my friend said the HDD on which the file could be is dead ^^'
最后由 >M@tEo$< 编辑于; 2013年8月18日下午2:32
Pipacs 2013年9月13日下午5:49 
What should I do, if I got the translated *.voc files, to get them work in the game (on Linux)?


Hey, I solved it! I used GrpStudio with Wine (1.4) and replaced the original files with the translated ones.
The translation I use (hungarian voice, textures) is distributed under GNU General Public Licence, so if you want to add multilanguage support to the game, feel free to send me or the maker (takysoft [at] gmail [dot] com) a message.
最后由 Pipacs 编辑于; 2013年9月15日上午8:25
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