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Nightsky Mar 6, 2013 @ 8:21pm
questions about this game?
One of the ghost says there are blue and red statues. red ones split flame blue ones use a projectile. I have yet to see the blue statue that throws stuff unless its the strange blue guys. If that is so why can you kill the blue guys throwing the projectiles but have to blow up the red fire breathing statues. If they are both statues shouldent you have to blow them both up. also the blue guys that throws stuff if he is a statue he has blood. statues dont have blood lol.

TL:DR Where are the blue statues that throw stuff at you.

2ed question I have been playing a bit now and the first boss is always this mantis guy that jumps around. But my last play though he was a lion why?

3ed question a ghost guy talks about hidden walls. Is he talking about the walls with cracks in that you can blow up? if not what walls is he talking about. AND some walls in the fire area have cracks in the that make it look like you can blow them up.
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Chef Excellence Mar 6, 2013 @ 11:39pm 
The blue statues look just like the red ones, and fire two-block tall shockwaves. They're a little deeper down, so you might not've just gotten far enough to see them, or you went fast enough that you didn't notice them doing anything different.

Bosses are determined by the amount of lives you have left. If you have less than five, you fight Spite, and more than five means you fight Rage. The second boss fight is also determined this way, with less than five being Torment, and more than five being Doom.

The bombable walls all have a sort of blue crack on them. It can be a little hard to distinguish them from normal blocks sometimes unless you really pay attention, but there's two at the top of the tutorial area, and two more where it tells you how to throw bombs, so that you can kind of get a feel of what to look for. Remember, look for the blue, not nessicarily for cracks.
Nightsky Mar 7, 2013 @ 2:29am 
thanks that helped alot.
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