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Avoiding Abarghus's hand
Has anyone found a way to reliably do this? Sometimes he will always completely miss and other times he hits me will consistantly hit me. Is there some way to predict where he's going to hit or is it completely random?
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I doubt it's completely random. And if it can be predicted, I feel like the position is chosen only moments before he hits, not giving you enough time to react.

Instead of predicting where, start predicting when, and super jump before he strikes.
Sometimes he will strike at whever you're standing before his chest closes.
However he'll go random other times.

All you have to do is be prepared for when he starts lifting his arm & time a superjump and just straight up.
In the old flash version I used to stand in the middle and do a super jump + a double jump to dodge the hand. it seemed like he almost always aimed for me so I could consistantly have a platform there but in the steam version I haven't had him attack the middle once so far. I still do a super jump anyway just in-case.
vao 27. úno. 2013 v 15.42 
To be quite honest he's never hit me.

In fact he's never even seemed to aim for me either.
I think there are only 5 places where he can put the platforms. If you try not to stand in the center of the room, all the way to the left or the right, or halfway between the middle and one of the walls I don't think he can hit you directly. If | is a wall and _ is where he can strike you the room is like |_ _ _ _ _|
Megadev mentioned there were 6 predetermined locations where he could do his hand slam, and every time he's done it it's been where I am or only a space to the left or right. So I guess experimentation and memorization is all you can do.
I'm left with only the "Defeat Abarghu's without getting hit" unlock,but as much as i try i never manage to do it, because of it's randomness.
I tried running back and forth, i tried using the super jump in one place as soon as he is ready to hit, i tried to stay in the corners near the walls crouched, i tried being idled, i tried so many other things, yet everytime i inevitably i get at least hit once.
While i'm super jumping, he will hit me in the air and then the little platform will fall to the ground, other times he does random hits, other times he anticipates me moving forward and hits ahead of me, other times he hits straight on me...I'm lost dont know what to do.
After his chest closes, stand at the left (or right) side of the screen. When he finishes roaring and before he raises his hand up to stomp, run to the opposite side. He will stomp where you are shortly after he finishes roaring. If you change direction and run around randomly, you generally get screwed, but if you keep going one direction without stopping you will be safe 95% of the time.
Noir 10. bře. 2013 v 17.11 
The best way to deal with his attack is to do a super jump Aetherlight said, I just got the achivement by doing that.
It took me quite a lot of retries to do it because I kept being hit by the white bombs :/

Ps: a little tip, the caltrops are really useful if you don't want to deal with the enemies that come from his belly (the one with the shield is kind f annoying).
it's random! (as for as i know)
Yay I finally made it. As Aetherlight said, just stand in the middle of the room, directly beneath the boss's head and he will never ever hit you there. No need to even jump.
A small tip with the bombs section:
Do not jump during it.
Also when you see that a white bomb is going your direction and you think you can't avoid it, then use one of your magic powers. The magic power will make you invurnerable for a few seconds, allowing you to avoid the impact.
just wait until after the bomb section, when the debree falling from the roof is almost done falling do a power jump and then double jump and he will smash his hand down before you land
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