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dwobwinkle 21 maj, 2013 @ 7:12
So I know that as I increase my kingdom worth more/stronger invaders will come but what happens over time? I'm thinking about taking some time to relax and make my base aesthetically pleasing to me as opposed to purely utilitarian like it is now. I just don't want to do this and then suddenly have my soldiers unable to fight off invaders.
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Fishar 21 maj, 2013 @ 14:11 
Here are some tips
1. Set it to peaceful
2. Wall yourself in
Jubba911 21 maj, 2013 @ 22:28 
as far as keeping you rsoldiers up to date... training grounds will help. and yes wall yourself in. i suggest one tile away from the edge and then section it out so u can let gnomes in and kee baddies out.
Cifre 21 maj, 2013 @ 23:35 
walling yourself in is stupid you need an entrance of some kind and keep it noted if you want to make it look better make sure you look at the value of the items you are using using stone blocks rather than dirt will increase your value from 1 to 10 and using the more decorated stone will make it rise more but also help your builders level.

in other words its best to get your troops equiped then gradually up your castle and troops although solong as you add no value to your kingdom you should be fine.
dwobwinkle 22 maj, 2013 @ 1:00 
I'm not changing it to peaceful. I like the game to be somewhat challenging and punishing my mistakes. Walling myself in would make it easymode, just like peaceful, except it would also make it annoying to progress because I don't have enough gnomes to specialize in the fun things like engineering and jewelry. I don't want no combat.

I'm not having problems with invasions at the moment. I have made my base so it has one entrance, with a training ground at the front of it, which basically acts like a guard post that also trains my soldiers. I have a hallway with several doors to slow them down so that the first gnome to see the invaders will be one of my soldiers on the way to the training grounds, rather than allowing them inside my base.

I also understand that increasing my worth gradually with the strength of my military is very important. The fact that decorative walls increases worth by so much is actually really important for me to know so thank you. I was literally going to replace all the floors and walls with better looking versions rather than the dirt and stone floors/walls that exist now. I expected the worth to go from 1 to 3, or a similar small boost.

Still, this doesn't answer my question as to increased power over time. I basically want to reorganize my fortress, which will greatly slow my military progress and take a lot of in game time. As I was going through my game, I was basically just cutting our random pockets in the walls and building whatever I happened to need at the time. I was just getting a feel for the game. This means my mountain fortress is left without any kind of homey feeling. Bedrooms connected to my blacksmith and nowhere close to my dining room technically work, but now irk me. I'll be having to completely redo my walls (although maybe not all engraved basalt now), reconstruct most of my workshops and bedrooms, and, ideally, redo the floors while I'm at it (who wants to reconstruct all their items more than once?). Since a lot of what I'm doing is just moving things around, my worth should stay around the same. My military would stay around the same, albeit with some extra training time. The problem only comes if enemies get stronger as the game goes on, independently of my value. If they do, and I try to take on this massive project all at once, eventually my military will get overwhelmed.

Tl;dr I don't want to wall myself in or set it to peaceful and eliminate the challenge of the game. I just want to take some time to organize my base and I want to know if enemies get stronger over time, so I can decide to do it in small segments so I can continue growing my military, or if I can just leave that alone and do all the reorganizing at once.
Keramane 22 maj, 2013 @ 2:02 
Assuming year 2
Set up a training area outside, set 4 soldiers training per training area, the rest of your people set them to Civilians. All units are set to retreat when bleeding.

Have your soldiers train from dawn till dusk every day. Set 2 units as patrolling scouts around the map perimeter to watch for Mant Scouts. Have your soldiers set to attack orders, not Defend Gnomes (otherwise they'll fight bears/badcers/lizards, which are great as shock squads against Goblins due to the bleeding they cause). Have one or two crates of bandages outside, set to priority 1 near where your training grounds are. When your gnomes spot someone, set the target to be attacked and bam, your units will rush out and slaughter your target.


Personally, I set all my civilians into military groups called "Civilian" 1 through 10. Avoid enemies, uniforms are skull helmets and bone armor, no weapons, and I give them the scouting bonus to their formation. I then make a secondary formation called "Militia", which has the same uniform, but with 'Any' rather than 'None' for weapons, and I set them to defend gnomes rather than avoid enemies. If there comes a point where my soldiers are either sleeping or unable to take the threat on alone, I set all my civilians (save for my Engineers and Nurses) to Militia rather than Civilian. Then, thirty angry gnomes rush out and start beating on whatever's there with whatever they have. Considering that bare fists are bludgeoning damage and that teeth are bleed-inducing, they're shockingly good at tearing down otherwise annoying enemies.

If my axemen are sleeping and all I have is a hammerman vs an ogre, the sheer overwhelming number of Militia quickly blind and cripple the ogre until he's nearly useless. Against mants, it's suicide however, since one lucky mant strike lopps off a limb >_> But, if you're dilligent on your patrols, you can take out scouts no problem.
dwobwinkle 22 maj, 2013 @ 6:51 
Hahaha, somehow I haven't been attacked by mants yet, but I'm sure they're coming soon. My military set up is actually really similar to what you did, except I set my secondary formation to weapons and armor to copper (my main group is wearing/blacksmithing bronze gear). The goal is to eventually outfit my secondary group with crossbows but they're taking a while to construct. And I did set my bandage stockpile directly next to my traning area. So far this has been working out great. I have 2 deceased, but that's because I accidentally trapped them with mining orders.

I've yet to figure out the point of having doctors/hospitals though. My people just grab bandages after each fight anyway. Care to explain?

Also, this thread isn't asking for military help (although it is interesting to read). I simply want to know if invasions get stronger as time passes or if they only get stronger as kingdom worth goes up.
Norse 22 maj, 2013 @ 9:07 
There is an option to "v" the Grow Stronger Over Time, its by default Off, so you should be fine :)
dwobwinkle 22 maj, 2013 @ 9:12 
Ah, okay, thank you.
Space of AIDS 22 maj, 2013 @ 16:57 
Is game spawning enemies in random places, or invaders can dig into my dungeon?
I've found an countless hordes of goblins skeletons and golems at -13 level and fail all the game because of this.
If i'm right and they were spawned there, that means game cheating instead of challenging. And that would be really sad thing.

I'm sorry for possible mistakes. I'm not good with English.
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apaeth 22 maj, 2013 @ 17:41 
Ursprungligen skrivet av Space of aids:
Is game spawning enemies in random places, or invaders can dig into my dungeon?
I've found an countless hordes of goblins skeletons and golems at -13 level and fail all the game because of this.
If i'm right and they were spawned there, that means game cheating instead of challenging. And that would be really sad thing.

I'm sorry for possible mistakes. I'm not good with English.

Once you get below level -10 on flat land you should begin placing torches all over the mining areas to prevent underworld spawns. Wall off each level right by the stairs after you finish mining too...
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