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GF  [developer] Jun 20, 2013 @ 3:08pm
#0007 - WORKAROUND - Camera Spinning Out Of Control
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Bug Description:
When starting the game after the intro cut scene, the game camera spins out of control.


Steps To Recreate:
Not required

Dev Team Comments:
This happens when you have a controller attached to your PC. Unplugging the controller and restarting the game should fix the issue. Please note this problem has also been confirmed to happen with virtual controls such as PPJoy. In such cases try disabling the virtual device in Control Panel => System => Device Manager.

If removing controllers ( both physical and virtual ) does not resolve the problem, when the game is running, please try reconnecting your mouse and then your keyboard to see if the spinning stops. Please let us know by posting below if this helps.

Fixed in
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Folk Tale > Bug Tracking > Topic Details