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Cenobite Feb 11, 2014 @ 1:06am
Flaming cliffs worthwhile?
Hey guys, have been away from DCS for a few months getting back into ROF and playing WOFF.

Just realised FC3 has been released, was just wondering how much fidelity has been modeled in the game.

Im a long time player of DCS warthog and Bshark and stayed away from the Lock on (prefered Falcon 4.0 at the time) style play.

I could probably live with not being able to use all of the aircrafts systems/avionics as long as the FMs are good (ROF must have mellowed me out...lol) and the systems that are modeled work correctly and a realistic fasion.

Im not expecting to be able to run a bit test here or cold start, just was wondering if what is modeled is realistic.

Thanks for any info guys.
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Ubiquitous Feb 11, 2014 @ 2:46am 
Some observations from my transition from A-10/BS/Huey to FC3:

(1) A-10 et al have really spoilt us. Not having a clickable cockpit and full-modelled avionics makes the plane and, by extension, the mission feel less immersive.

(2) That said, the FC3 radar and weapons systems do seem to be reasonably well modelled once you learn to use them via the keyboard. Since you mentioned Falcon 4.0: FC3 is similar in fidelity to how I remember the vanilla F4 being back in ca. 1999 (but with better graphics, 6dof cockpit, ability to fly with other DCS modules etc.)

(3) Having a proper fast jet opens up a new gameplay possibility, namely dogfighting. This is actually a lot of fun!. It turns out that if you use the "create fast mission" option to build a mission with the number of friendly and enemy fighters and attack planes set to max then you get a pretty cool aerial engagement to play with.

(4) Some of the FC3 aircraft have been upgraded to the advanced flight model (which gives DCS-level fidelity of the flight model, but not the aircraft systems). My understanding is that the remaining aircraft should also be upgraded to the AFM "soon".

(5) There is a chance that the FC3 aircraft will get clickable cockpits eventually, but that may or may not happen and may take a long time.

Eventually, weshould have an F-18, a Eurofighter, and others modelled to full DCS specifications. My attitude is to treat FC3 as a temporary substitute until those high-fidelity fast jet sims become available.
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fearlessfrog Feb 11, 2014 @ 8:36am 
For (4) yes, the F15 and Su27 are being upgraded next (as a free update to FC3)
Cenobite Feb 11, 2014 @ 1:53pm 
Fantastic response Umbiquitous, exactly the info I was after, thanks for taking the time.

Thanks also Fearless, the F15 would have been my choice of rocket.

Its a tough one, might give it a miss, I still have the Mi8, huey and the mustang to learn, not to mention re-learning the finer points of the BS and and the A10C.
Jack9579 Feb 11, 2014 @ 3:01pm 
I love the FC3, it is awesome!

The F-15 and the Mig are my favs. I can't wait for the updates!
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