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John Cena™ 2013年8月31日下午2:26
FPS Issues
I've just bought Miasmata and I seem to be having some fps issues that are just awful. I'm new to pc and asked my friend who's a frequent pc gamer and built his own custom rig if my computer would be able to handle it before I bought it and he said that I should be able to.

I'm starting to think however that my pc really can't handle it and that it needs a better graphics card.

OS- Windows 7 64-bit
CPU- Intel Core i7 2.20GHz
8GB ram
Graphics - ATI Radeon HD 6770M

or for a more detailed summary


Should I get a new graphics card, or is that not the issue here?
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ChunkyMonkey 2013年9月1日上午2:46 
It is not just you who has FPS issues. I have a computer weaker than yours by few years and it runs most games great for what is expected from my hardware, but this game has something with coding that taxes the resources or memory too much.

I did two things. One of the two things I did helped another made no difference.
First I turned down the graphics to lowest settings and set resolution to 13xx by 7xx, it was slightly better, but the quality of gameplay became significantly worse since I could not see far in the distance or see good lighting. Both of these are kind of important. I gradually raised the settings but ther was almost no change in frame rate.

2nd thing I did which improved the performance significantly but still has the game run poorly is I went to game properties by right clicking on it in the steam game library and I selected to verify the game cache integrity. Usually this action improves many games performance. Even if it has just been installed. I read about this suggestion in forums for Hitman Absolution when people were puzzled why the graphics stuttered so much. Once cache integrity check was done it started to run very smoothly.

I wish the game creators got back to fixing this problem because the game itself is one of the best survival games I've played. Has a really mysterious feel. Reminds me of Myst, but is more like real world.
John Cena™ 2013年9月1日上午9:54 
Thankyou for your reply. I've tried a few things that were mentioned in the forums before making my own topic like: dxdiag, and compatability to Windows XP service pack 3....

Still nothing works, not even what you mentioned to do. I guess I will just have to continue looking.
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