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DarkStarSword Nov 27, 2013 @ 7:36am
ANNOUNCEMENT: Unofficial Community Patch
Hey Miasmata fans!

I've spent some time recently reverse engineering this awesome game, and I've managed to track down and fix a couple of bugs. There's still plenty more I want to tackle, but I thought I should release early.

The newest version of the community patch is now distributed with a patcher so it can modify main.rs5 and fix some more problems that were impossible before - as such the installation instructions are a bit different now.

1. Subscribe to this thread to get notified of updates

2. Download communitypatch-v1.2.2.zip from here:

3. Extract the zip file (e.g. right click on the zip file, select "Extract All..." then click "Extract")

4. Open the new folder and run miaspatch.exe

5. Click "Install Mods"

6. Launch the game!

-- v1.2.2 --
- Includes a 4GB patch from erandas_vs, which fixes crashes due to Miasmata running out of memory.
-- v1.2.1 --
- Fix patcher to handle a small edge case that could cause it to fail to install under certain rare circumstances.
-- v1.2 --
- New patcher to allow main.rs5 to be modified (Miasmod has also been updated to support this method)
- The Botanical Bad A** achievement fix is now bundled with the community patch (if using the provided patcher) so it does not need to be installed separately (note that this achievement actually requires all 36 plants, not 32 as it claims)
- Five urn icons have been removed from the map that didn't actually exist in game
- A couple of camp icons that were cut off on the map have been fixed
- Fixed missing Titan plant research link on the objectives page
- Fixed cut off Pitcher plant research link on the objectives page
- Hammock is now usable as a bed
- A ruin near the apple tree can now be used for triangulation
- Fixed the mislabeled document on the muscle emphasis drug in the notes index to read endurance emphasis drug
- Removed unused glance left/right options from the settings menu
-- v.1.1 --
- Fixes "The Bored Cartographer" achievement. Note that it is still pretty picky about the shoreline being mapped very thoroughly. If you are having difficulty you should check out miaschiev from here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/223510/discussions/0/648813728501354813/
-- v1.0 --
- Fixes the "Oh, my glorious brain..." achievement
- Fixes the Sanchez #1 note that incorrectly registered as Sanchez #3. If you have already picked up the glitched note unfortunately it will not be reset. You can either start a new game, or see the next post for a workaround.
- Fixes the "Just doing some light reading?" achievement
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DarkStarSword Nov 27, 2013 @ 7:36am 
-- Sanchez #1 workaround --
I've released a utility which can (among other things) reset the glitched note allowing it to be picked up again from the camp where it was originally found:

Alternatively, the old workaround is still available on my github page if you care to go looking for it.

Follow the installation instructions as above, but when running miaspatch.exe select "Remove all mods" instead.
NOTE: If you have installed any other mods this will also remove them - you can use Miasmod if you need to only remove a single mod.

-- Alternative Installation Instructions --
Most users should follow the above instructions to install the community patch,
but advanced users can also use Miasmod v1.2 or above to install it:

1. Delete communitypatch.rs5 from the Miasmata directory if it exists - that
method of distributing the community patch is now deprecated and if you left it
you would need to keep it synchronised with communtiypatch.miasmod.

2. Download and extract the communitypatch zip file as above

3. Copy communitypatch.miasmod into the Miasmata directory

4. Run Miasmod and choose to synchronise alocalmod.rs5

5. Click "Install main.rs5 mod..." and choose communitypatch.rs5mod

6. Right click on communitypatch under main.rs5 Mods and select "Set Lowest Priority"
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DarkStarSword Nov 27, 2013 @ 7:36am 
-- List of known bugs --
This is a list of things I want to investigate - I make no promises that I'll be able to fix any of these. Please don't post on this thread asking me to fix these, since I already know they exist. Feel free to post about any I've missed.
- Plants clip below storage/synthesis/research trays - especially noticeable with fungi
- Herculean tonic clipping through journal

-- Bugs I (probably) won't be fixing --
I might look into some of these, but I suspect most of these would be next to impossible to fix without the game's source code.
- Anything that would require a fix to the game's engine. Some very simple things like the Botanical Bad A** I may be able to binary patch, but I probably won't be doing much more than that.
- Crashes - unless they are caused by my patch.
- Optimisation issues.
- Graphical glitches, like the fog layer folding up at dusk
- Researching an already researched plant does not always go directly to it's research entry.
- map/compass is not illuminated at night while holding torch/sticks
- Mouse input stops working when closing the map while it is still pinpointing your location.
- Grainy water (extreme grain is sometimes caused by not restarting after adjusting the graphics settings, or having anti-aliasing turned off)
- Hands dirty again after loading a save once cured
- Drawing horizontal/vertical bearings on the map draws them in the wrong direction from the landmark
- Raining inside certain buildings
- Creature sometimes gets stuck when trying to flee near a camp
- Syringes change colour for the injection animations
- End sequence plays backwards with missing props
- Climbing certain stairs is tricky
- "It may be time for an intervention" unlocks when taking any medicine instead of after all medicines.
- Triangulation is unreliable with 3D Vision enabled
- Final head statue must be located via pinpointing it as a distant object to unlock the lot of head statues achievement (as opposed to revealing the nearby map or collecting a region map). Edit: Miaschiev can now be used to reset one of the head statues in case the achievement didn't unlock.
- Plants carrying over from one save to another (I think a similar thing happened with research notes). Edit: Unfortunately, the config/new_game was just a red herring. I've located the code that starts a new game and everything is hard coded, meaning this can't be fixed without a binary patch.

-- Other Notes --
I noticed the game would crash on launch if I named the community patch rs5 starting with a letter 'e' through 'z'. I suspect it's likely to do with the fact that I'm overriding the environment database (which is ordinarily inside environment.rs5) and the sorting of files may matter. Please let me know if you find the game crashing at launch due to the community patch - I can always replace environment.rs5 completely if need be.
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Zephyr Nov 27, 2013 @ 9:36am 
Dude, seriously, you are a genius! I just popped "Oh, my glorious brain..." and "Just doing some light reading?" thanks to your patch. Thank you! :D
Fraggle Nov 27, 2013 @ 1:19pm 
oh man, I'm stunned! It sounds very good! And now, I'm downloading your patch..

one question: after installing your patch.. what is the correct amount of notes to collect?
null Nov 27, 2013 @ 5:01pm 
Wow, great work! I'll definitely check it out. Not to seem ungrateful for the work you've already done, but would it be possible to add content to some extent? For example, the ability to cross off urns on the map once they've been lit?
DarkStarSword Nov 27, 2013 @ 9:56pm 
Originally posted by Fraggle:
one question: after installing your patch.. what is the correct amount of notes to collect?
There are 51 notes. There is actually one extra note in the game files that is not in the game I am somewhat tempted to add it in somewhere...

Originally posted by JacquesLeSauve:
would it be possible to add content to some extent?
To some extent yes it would be possible to add more content, but nothing that would involve extending the engine. Initially I want to focus on fixing some of the bugs and exploring more files to determine what else is possible.

One thing I'm interested in looking into is making a hardcore mode - I can see some parameters in the environment database that I could tweak to make the game harder. I'll have to experiment with that idea later.

I believe it should be possible to edit the map, but for anything more than a minor tweak I'd have to write a map editor, which is a significant amount of work, and probably not something I'd do by myself. If there are any other devs reading this who may be interested in helping out, drop me a line.

I've published the tools that I've written to extract, analyse, manipulate and repack the game's files on github. They were written to help me understand the game's file format and evolved as my understanding grew - meaning at the moment they are pretty ugly & in desperate need of re-factoring + polish (they are also command line only at the moment):

Originally posted by JacquesLeSauve:
For example, the ability to cross off urns on the map once they've been lit?
I'm not certain, but I don't think that is likely - it depends on how much flexibility is built into the mapping system in the engine. I'll need to keep digging through the game files to answer this for sure.
DarkStarSword Nov 28, 2013 @ 6:45am 
I've updated the first post with v1.1 of the unofficial community patch. With this patch and the Botanical Bad A** fix (which I've now updated to avoid the need to hex edit the game) every achievement in this game is now obtainable :)

- Fixes "The Bored Cartographer" achievement. Note that it is still pretty picky about the shoreline being mapped very thoroughly.

To see what I mean about how picky it is, check this screenshot (SPOILER WARNING!!!!) - the game did not consider the coast just under the cursor to be mapped:
After triangulating my position at that location the achievement popped up:
To answer the question of exactly what needs to be mapped:
- You DO NOT need to worry about any outlying islands.
- Only the shoreline needs to be mapped, you do not need to fill in the island.
- You DO need to worry about bodies of water inland if they are connected to the Ocean, in particular:
- The river just North of the Mountain range North of Ruin Site B needs to be completely mapped
- The river almost cutting off the Polaris island needs to be completely mapped
- The river between the Desert & Western land mass needs to be mapped, but only a short distance from the Ocean.
- The river leading to Outpost Tau does NOT need to be mapped.
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null Nov 28, 2013 @ 9:10am 
Cool! Thank's very much for putting so much of your own time and effort into helping out everyone playing. It's hugely impressive that you're undertaking this task by yourself in the absense of the developer's continued support, I'm sure you're saving a lot of people some massive headaches here, myself included ;) Cheers.

I wouldn't be surprised to see you get picked up by a developer at some point or making your own games, even... if you haven't already.
pips Nov 29, 2013 @ 7:41am 
Thank you! I came here to check if there are any news about the game, possible patches etc. This is truly a pleasant surprise.
SimplySerenity Nov 29, 2013 @ 11:17pm 
Just started playing this game, and I love it. Glad to see someone fixing up its some of its sore spots.
Fraggle Dec 2, 2013 @ 11:46am 
Hi DarkStarSword, is there a way to hightlight the parts of the coastline that have not been revealed yet (and so preventing the "Bored Cartographer" achievement.)?

I mapped the coastline, but didn't get the achievement. I have no clue where to search. :-/
DarkStarSword Dec 2, 2013 @ 5:50pm 
Originally posted by Fraggle:
Hi DarkStarSword, is there a way to hightlight the parts of the coastline that have not been revealed yet (and so preventing the "Bored Cartographer" achievement.)?
Not at the moment - I've been trying to decipher the format of the exposure_map field within the save games which would allow me to release a utility to highlight the missing parts of the coastline, but I haven't managed to figure it out yet.
DarkStarSword Dec 3, 2013 @ 7:05am 
Just a quick update - I've edited the map in the GIMP to fix the urn & camp icons, and I have managed to get the edited map back in the game.

Unfortunately it only works if I pack them back inside main.rs5 - if I try to pack it in any other rs5 file the game just crashes on launch with a NULL pointer dereference :(

I was really hoping to avoid altering main.rs5 due to it's size, but it looks like I might end up having to release a utility to automatically patch main.rs5 after all...
Fraggle Dec 3, 2013 @ 11:42am 
@DarkStarSword regarding "The Bored Cart.": does the achievement trigger if I already had revealed the whole coastline before the patch?
pips Dec 3, 2013 @ 12:14pm 
Yeah, it works. Read the blue note at lab, or go to the coastline and orientate with the map once.
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