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Frequently asked Questions (updated 04/11/2012)
Q: Will POSTAL 2 have cross play for Mac and Linux (buy once, get all versions)?
A: Yes! The Linux and Mac version will be released some while after the PC version as we need to ask for outside support to update these builds, but they will follow at some point for sure and added to your Mac /Linux accounts.

Q:Why does it cost more than GoG?
A: The reason it is priced higher than on other platforms is due to us wanting to include it in many 75% sales, which will make the game less than 5 bucks. You'll never be too far away from a sale! Also, the GoG version may never get the updates the Steam version is getting, or at least will always be behind. That, and you can expect many Steam only features.

In short, you'll be getting more value for your cash on Steam, even if you don't buy it in a sale.

Q: Will you include achievements?
A: It's being looked into right now

Q: Is the game uncut?

Q: If I own POSTAL 2 elsewhere, can I get a free Steam Key?
In some cases.
Please click here for more information

Q: Is the Steam version of POSTAL 2 be updated in anyway?
A: It will include wide-screen support out the box, with other updates planned in the coming months.

Q: Does it include the Apocalypse Weekend and Share The Pain Multiplayer add-on packs?
A: Yes, POSTAL 2 COMPLETE means the full package!

Q: What about mods like Eternal Damnation, and A Week In Paradise that were included with the Fudge Pack?
A: If Valve allow us, we will set up the Steam Workshop with these mods. At the very least I'll make an installer that will install all the other mods onto the Steam version of P2, and allow you to download from our website.

Q:So, is there much of a MOD community around this game?
A: Sure is, and it's still going strong. There are tons of Single player and Mulitplayer mods for POSTAL 2, and because it's built on the Unreal 2.0 engine, it's easy to jump in and start modding yourself.

Q: Will POSTAL 2 support Steam Workshop for mods?
A: We are looking into getting this set up in the coming months.

Q: I hear the loading times are really bad, is that true?
A: When POSTAL 2 was first released the loading times were pretty bad, but it was patched after release. Now, on modern hardware the loading times are between 4-7 seconds per map. On an older pc that would be maybe 8-10. It's really not that bad.

Q:Can we expect Russian or Polish language support?
A: No, as we don't own the rights to the localization of POSTAL 2 for Russian or Polish, and they break compatibility with the English language Multiplayer.

Q:Any DLC Planned?
A: I'd love to work on more DLC, if the game sells well enough, who knows!

Q: Will there be cloud save support?
A: Should be added soon.

Q: Does POSTAL 2 work well with Windows 7 and 64 bit?
A: Yes, most people have no issues with both AMD and Nvidia cards.

Q:Does POSTAL 2 work good with 3D?
A: Yes, it has an excellent rating for Nvidia 3D Vision!

Q: POSTAL III sucked hard, was it made by RWS?
A: No, it was licensed to a Russian publisher and developer who were supposed produce the game to our design, with a much bigger team and budget than we had for POSTAL 2. Even taking those facts into account, it didn't work out very well. It was a mistake and one we will not repeat.

Q:Is this just a quick, cheap cash in for an old game you no longer support?
A: Not at all, we plan to give some support to POSTAL 2 as it's effectively being re-released, with patches to include things such as Widescreen support (on release) and also adding achievements (in time). Also, after the disaster that was PIII due to the mistake of outsourcing it, we have decided to make the next game 100% in house.
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