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Discussion Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to the Discussion section of Miner Wars 2081. To promote a positive atmosphere and keep this community “clean” and constructive we must insist that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times when participating in any facet of the community.
Apart from the standard Steam Community Discussion Rules, which are in effect in this community as well and we strongly recommend you to read before making any post, we have added a few more guidelines which you should take in consideration as well.

Discussion Rules
- Posts must be made in English, any threads or posts that are posted in a language other than English will be removed.
- Piracy! All messages that include linking, mentioning or promoting piracy will be deleted immediately!
- Spamming and Advertising are not permitted. Posts that include links with the purpose of promoting other products or selling items (gold) will be immediately deleted!
- Any kind of violence, abuse, vulgarity, bad language, calling names or pornography is not accepted and messages will be deleted immediately.
- You should not at any time openly argue with forum moderators or administrators about imposing rules.
- You may not at any time attack Keen Software House or insult any Keen Software House member.
- You may not at any time impersonate any Keen Software House employee or staff on this forum.
- Respect other user's opinions. Don’t criticize or deride what other members believe about the game.
- Try to keep all messages in a constructive and polite manner. Posts that don’t include any arguments neither provide any suggestion on how the game can be improved will be considered as spam and will be deleted. For more information of what is Feedback and Constructive Criticism, please read below.

Feedback and Constructive Criticism
Receiving constructive criticism (either negative or positive) is something that we need and want. Without your feedback we would not be able to improve the game and resolve any problems/bugs.
Players saying that they don’t like the game because of XYZ reasons and then giving constructive ideas of how it can be improved are more than welcomed and we really appreciate getting them.
But, just simple complaining doesn't help us much as we cannot use that to improve.
If you are unsatisfied with the product, if you have something personal with Keen Software House or any member of the staff or if you believe that the company fooled you by providing misleading information, this is something personal and it cannot be described as feedback. Messages such as “the game sucks”, “the company sucks”, “they are frauds”, “the developers are useless” are not considered as constructive criticism and will be deleted.
If you have any complaints please send them directly at the company’s public email: info@keenswh.com. This community is not a wall of personal complaints and we will do our best to keep it as clean and constructive as possible!

Useful Links
Troubleshooting: http://www.minerwars.com/Troubleshooting.aspx
Support email: support@minerwars.com.com
Official forum: http://www.minerwars.com/Forum.aspx
Blog of our CEO Marek Rosa: http://blog.marekrosa.org
Company web site: http://www.keenswh.com
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UPDATE: Just to inform everyone that all threads about DRM (always online) will be deleted, since this does not exist any more.
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