Miner Wars 2081

Miner Wars 2081

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Unleet 2. jan., 2013 @ 18:59
Quick and easy money
For a long time I was running into a wall with barely eking out any cash and only had 200K at best. Until I found an incredible way to make money and within an hour or two I had about 2M which I then used to rush into the Chinese capital and buy the Stanislav for the achievement (its also one of the best ships in the game with 10 weapon slots and 60 storage)

Equipment needed- 400+ rounds of bio chem ammo for gatling (Machine gun is better but I didn't have one) and 6+ fuel tanks, your going to be covering a lot of distance. You'll need more than this but this will get you started. Don't bother with the biochem missiles. You can leave all the med kits and repair kits behind, you won't get attacked.

Go to Intersteller Highway. As you approach you'll here an enemy detected waring and an EAC Police will appear at about 1000m out. At this range they have not aggroed you yet, carefully fire the biochem gatling and kill the pilot but leaving the ship intact (This is tricky since the gat fires fast, you need to dish out 100 damage to kill the pilot), the ship should be at 25% when your done.
Approach and loot everything then run back to the Saphos and dump it all into storage. Now pick a direction along the highway and carefully move along it, you'll find EAC police evenly spaced out about 1200m from each other (You'll hear the warning of enemy detected well before you see them). Kill the pilot, loot everything (16 different items on each one) then run back and dump it on the Saphos. After a couple of these kills you'll find a merchant on the highway, now instead of running it back to the Saphos sell everything and move to the next police ship. rinse and repeat.

All of the police carried the exact same gear. I looted and sold everything, you could probably get by with not picking up the ammo but that would be an extra couple of K each time so I didn't do it. There ended up being 50+ police, each one giving me about 40k in loot. I ended up with about 2M from it all. All total it took me maybe 2 hours to clean house.

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outfctrl 6. feb., 2013 @ 12:53 
Nice, Thanks for heads up.
Unleet 6. feb., 2013 @ 18:07 
Another good spot - EAC capital, you can kill the pilots of the ships flying around and they will not attack you so long as you do not destroy the ships. Advantage here is the merchants are right there. Its even faster I think than the Highway.
Smokes, Let's Go 14. feb., 2013 @ 19:00 
Thanks, that helped a lot.

The economy still seems really off balance to me - it's very hard to earn credits but you are forced to burn through them unless you are a godly player. A reward for clearing out the slaver base was $10,000, but I burned through about three repair kits at $9000 each, probably a tank of oxygen and several thousand more in ammo. Even if you can avoid damage you still have to buy oxygen etc or try and snipe and loot enemies. I'm about a third of the way through the game and unless something changes there's no way in hell I can ever afford to leave the starting ship.
Yigael 21. nov., 2013 @ 19:38 
this is an awesome game, too bad there are not many resources for it. To save on the fuel thanks, just get a Power Cell Engine and mine some ice as the engine uses ice for fuel, it will consume the ice blocks stored automatically
Valdemar |FIN| 11. jan., 2014 @ 10:42 
This might be late but another, slower but safer way to get cash is to mine out ''treasure'' ore inside valiant fortress. When you harvest it you will get only 0.07-0.01 ore, but 1 ore sells for over 100,000!
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