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Marinxar Mar 26, 2013 @ 12:19am
You got it .....
Guys, I want to start by saying well done. You had used and implimented a new idea on this type of games, and I love it. In fact, I bought several of these types of space games ( Roughly referring to the X type games, which according to me have the greatest depth in financial/trade aspects but lack the rest ), and you made it fun and gave it a compelling story line. I played for 20 min, then head out to the shop to get energy drinks and bars, phones work and told them I wont be around for a day or two. I also been a dedicated gamer for 20 years, and its gems like these that makes me refuse to grow up...., BUT !

You guys are dumbasses for releasing this unfinished. I will list a few things from the top of my head below, but I first wanted to get my piece of mind in here. You have done this a great injustice, and potentially warded off a lot of people to ever try this again when it is completed. So all of you not responsible for the push to release a Alpha ,and give one of the best potential games out there a bad name, should really round up and do something agonizing to thoese responsible. I say its a Alpha, because its not done. Systems are hardly populated, for instance the New capitals. You got these massive impressive structures, but nothing in it or round it except for a few vendors. Missions that have no stories/goals/objectives, making one fly around for hourse poking and shooting trying to finish the mission so you are allowed to leave the system again...

Dont be discouraged though. You can pull this off yet, by finishing this with a update. Dont rush it and release a buggy update, because then you just dont learn from your mistakes, and Ill f off as well.

Some things (( Some obvious and some less obvious ))

1. Mission details.
2. Dont make mission compelling once you landed on sector. I can understand why if you get a mission somewhere out in the vast space, but not at a space station etc. I love the free-roaming aspect and will take hours or days messing about and explore.
3. How to's or guides to the game and especially the editor.
4. a Journal to keep record of missions and progress in missions.
5. Remove the mouse curser boundries. I have two computer monitors, and this makes it difficult to multitask, when I cant move the curser accross tot he other screen.
6. Some rewards on missions, and related faction points, increasing standings.
7. It is the future, so why not add a system where you can search vendors, that you visited and linked with, for items from anywhere.
8. I want some way to communicate with the mothership. Call her over or say to follow me etc. Especially looking ahead to when the features around building bases etc come in to play. I headed out in to the abyss scouting for good base locations and found myself 80 000 units away from mothership, cant mark my location or summon the b*tch to me. I was -.-
9a. Some way to mark locations on overview map, that one can directly jump to with mothership.
9b. The ability to post notes on these locations. Perhaps with some signs to chose from as markers. Like "!" in red on area to avoid, or green "$" for area with resources..., but I should be able to choose sign and colors. I remember when I played Star Control 2 to no end, I had me a A2 map made on which I could make all my notes and comments, but this is the computer age and should be in the game :P
10. Friend or foe AI for mothership. Not opening doors for enemies, so they can kill me while I am adding something from my inventory.

These are the top 10 issues in my personal opinion. I look forward to continueing to enjoy this game, and see the fweatures come in to play as you complete this masterpiece.

Kind Regards,

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Marek Rosa  [developer] Mar 26, 2013 @ 2:12am 
Thanks for your opininion and liking the game.

Your post is a good example of how people expect something different from this game (than what it actually is), and then make an assumption that it's an unfinished game.

MW2081 is 99% about the story/campaign. Only 1% is about those side-sectors and sandbox elements (mining, trading, etc) - those are there just as a side thing, to enrich it a bit.

I am looking on this game from this perspective (that it's a campaign game) - so in my opinion it's finished and not alpha.

(I am not saying those features wouldn't be cool)
Marinxar Mar 26, 2013 @ 2:28am 
No. Then it should not have been part of the game. It is part of the game, and it is incomplete.
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bar.pys (Banned) Mar 27, 2013 @ 12:23pm 
@MinerWars: how can you write it is "making an assumption" on our, customers part when in reality you planned to have the sandbox features ingame and just removed it from the game at some later point? :o
Well, maybe it is a "valid" point for new customers (due to the updated steam game description) but for many people who bought the game earlier it`s a missing feature, not an "assumption".
Marek Rosa  [developer] Mar 27, 2013 @ 1:07pm 

You are right
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