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DEV UPDATE: Bots, Server Browsing, and More!!
BREAKING NEWS! Patch incoming!

Check out the latest dev diary![]

Key features:
  • Server browser, team games, Steam matchmaking!
  • BOTS and a "New Player Zone"!
  • General bug fixes!

As you are all aware, these new features will have a HUGE positive impact on Forge. We're excited to hear what you think, so stay tuned for the patch. It's almost here!

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Krimsonk Feb 17, 2013 @ 7:41am 
Please its sorely needed :).

Ive only played about 10 hrs, but Id love to put in some more
☆Bob-Spawn Feb 17, 2013 @ 8:05pm 
u can PLAY????? i havent even been able to play past tutorial.....
plz halp
Here's a VOD replay from Sojourner, one of the dev studio's founders, talking about the upcoming patch on One Inch Shotgun. Check it out to learn all the details:
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Date Posted: Feb 15, 2013 @ 6:29pm
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