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WANTED: Screenshots of kills against Dark Vale Games employees! Win a FORGE t-shirt!
WANTED: Screenshots of Kills Against Dark Vale Games (DVG) Employees

PRIZE: Limited edition Forge t-shirts!

Head over to our forums to learn all the details and post your screen shots![]

It has come to our attention that employees from Dark Vale Games have gone rogue in Forge. These shenanigans must stop immediately! We're posting a bounty on DVG employees playing Forge beginning tomorrow, February 4th, and ending midnight PST on Monday February 11th. Help us stop these rogue developers by taking a screen shot (...or video or animated GIF) of each DVG employee you kill, and post those screen shots on our forums[]. Whoever posts the best killshot wins!

  • Contest Begins: Monday, February 4th
  • Contest Ends: Monday, February 11th at midnight PST

How to enter:
  • Make screen shots, animated GIFs or videos of your kills against DVG employees
  • Post the screen shots, GIFs or videos in this thread on our forums[]

Next Monday, we will review all the submissions to verify that these rogue DVG employees have been beaten. Whoever posts the best kill will be awarded one of the exclusive t-shirts we've posted above.


EDIT: Oh no, I'm also one of these rogue devs! Be sure to add me to your Steam hit list friends list - my Steam name is DarkValeGames_Alec

EDIT AGAIN: Don't forget to check out February Fundays, our month long XP earning contest where the winner gets an Astro A50 headset![]
Forge > General > Topic Details
Date Posted: Feb 3, 2013 @ 12:39pm
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