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le_filoZof Nov 7, 2019 @ 4:20am
AMD Vega 56 low GPU use and incompatibilities
This is a small help for people who have this card, want to buy it or are simply interested in it.
I am 100% AMD, because I always support challengers and the market needs concurrence.
This GPU is a good card, not even with so high temperatures as it was criticized to reach on load. But it can perform bad with some games. And it's really really annoying to love a game and not to have a suited GPU . You don't know where the problem comes from and you loose more time figuring out a solution than playing. It happened to me with AC Origin ( I suspect it's due to Ubisoft's lack of care). I've almost all AC games and the irony is that only the 2 last ones run badly on Vega 56 - which on the contrary should run them well because it's the same generation.

There's a lot of talk about Vega 56 performances, game optimisation, incompatibilities. While some discussions are interesting, in the end it gets a bit confusing, because people sometimes lack methodical approach. Posting vids on Youtube for example teaches nothing if the parameters used are not clear.

So, as all GPUs, Vega 56 suffers from incompatibilities with some games.
Why incompatibilities ? Logically, what does well more should do better less: if a GPU runs perfectly a recent game, then logically it should run even better older ones.
That's not always the case.

Why ? Because of the card itself, of drivers, of Operating System and games bad optimisation. With so many suspects at play, it's sometimes difficult to find the culprit :-)
AMD makes bad GPUs ? Drivers ? Ubisoft or Creative Assembly botch their games ? Difficult to know sometimes.

At least, it means that, if you don't want to change the hardware (the card itself), the software can be updated - for the better or...the worst. So, the performance can vary in time.

A perfect performance is when a game reaches at least 30 frames per second (fps), either using part of GPU power (often for older games), or all GPU power for more recent games.
All cases are possible: for example Total War: EMPIRE gets very good performance, ~ 25fps (battle), , +30fps (strategic map), 100% GPU use, but is a 10 years-old game. Total War: ATTILA gets extremely bad performance, ~ 8fps ~ 30% GPU use, and is only 4 years old.

My specs are: CPU AMD 8370E, 8 Gb Ram, PSU 700W, W10, 1920*1080

Here are its performance for some games (games at max settings and updated, drivers updated, no CPU or RAM bottleneck, monitored by MSI Afterburner). I will update results with more games and every time an update changes the results

  • Assassin's Creed II: excellent performance, +60fps ~ 100% GPU use
  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey: average performance in Discovery mode: 25fps, ~ 60% GPU use; good performance in Campaign mode
  • Assassin's Creed Origin: average performance in Discovery mode: ~ 25fps ~ 60% GPU use; good performance in Campaign mode
  • Total War: ROME II: excellent performance, ~ 30fps , 100% GPU use
  • Battlefield 1: excellent performance, +30fps ~ 100% GPU use
  • Total War: ATTILA : extremely bad performance, ~ 8fps ~ 30% GPU use
  • Total War: EMPIRE : excellent performance, ~ 25fps (battle), , +30fps (strategic map), 100% GPU use
  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS: excellent performance, + 30fps (battle), +30fps (strategic map) ,100% GPU use
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance: bad performance, ~ 15fps ~ 60% GPU use. Extremely bad performance with HD graphics on. Freezes. Need to lower graphic settings to be playable.
  • Vendetta - Curse of Raven's Cry: average performance, ~ 25fps ~ 60% GPU use
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Komrade Nov 7, 2019 @ 5:23am 
30 fps is not good. 60fps+ is.
le_filoZof Nov 7, 2019 @ 6:13am 
Originally posted by notkennyS:
30 fps is not good. 60fps+ is.
It depends on the game played and on the gamer sensitiviness (sharp eyes or not :-) ). If you play shooters with vehicules, a lot of explosions and animations, it's a bit better to have more than 30fps. If you play strategic games, or even adventure games like AC, you don't much notice the difference. You're just wearing your GPU, consuming more watts and having a noiser rig. That's why I limit some games to 30 fps with Radeon Chill. It lowers GPU use and your immersion in game isn't spoiled by your GPU fan at full speed. The reference website even considers 25fps as "fluent gaming":
I consider though that 30 fps are the minimum to play with comfort.
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