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Anyone played the originals?
I managed to find Giana Sisters DS in the shops. From what I've played it's like mario except with higher jumps and fireballs that don't bounce. Levels are shorter making it a good bus game.
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played a few levels of the ds ver. about a week ago. wasn't anything special, but wasn't bad.
not much else to say. was pretty much the same as an average Mario game.
Oh dear, I played the REAL original on Commodore 64 back in the Eighties. It's a lot like Super Mario Bros., so much that Nintendo threatened to sue, which led to the game being withdrawn.

Here's a nice longplay: Notice how the first level looks exactly like the first level of SMB.
I had a breadbox as a kid, but unfortunately never heard of The Great Giana Sisters. I didn't even knew the franchise existed until recently. Maybe it's because of the legal issues, I don't know.
I've had the delightful chance of playing Giana Sisters on the C64 and DS. I like the DS one more, obviously.
Yes I've played it a lot on the C 64 and Commodore Amiga, it was a lot of fun, I've played it before Super Mario Bros on the Gameboy, I've liked it much, I think the code to jump to next level was pressing the keys I J N M together or what ??? And it has such a great soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck!
In de early years of my middleschool we had one C64 in the classroom. I played two games on that machine. 1. Some lemonade game. 2. Giana Sisters. And maybe it's one of the first computers games I ever played in my life. OMG the melancholy :)
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Played through it way back in the day. It's a great game. It does share a lot of the SMB mechanics with some expanded power ups unseen in the Nintendo series like the clock, bomb, etc. Warps work differently. Rather than be secret pipe rooms, the game has them like the invisible 1-Up blocks in SMB World 1-1. Rather than break up stages into worlds, it just goes 32 stages in a row. There are no water swimming levels. All in all though it really does hang with Mario. It's got great stage design, wonderful New Wave tunes (Thanks to the glorious SID chipset in the C64), and play control that is almost as tight as SMB (Though not quite there.) It's easily the best competing platformer from that time period. Sure one could point to Alex Kidd, Adventure Island/Wonderboy, or Rainbow Islands but GGS stomps them all if you ask me. Of course Capcom had Mega Man (One of my favorite series ever) but that was more action platformer, than bump n' jump platformer. It's a really cool, really fun game even if it does crib a fair amount from the Mario formula. If you have a shot at playing it take it.
I have played onl the C64 version. that was not too cool...
Played the Amiga version as a kid. Because we were Amiga fanboys we were totally convinced Nintendo must have ripped the GGS of with their Mario games. Obviously the opposite was true, if the game had ever been officially released it would have been a few years after the first Mario game.
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I think the code to jump to next level was pressing the keys I J N M together or what ???
it was pressing 4 letters of A R M I N at the same time (for example A M I N, A R M N). (Armin Gessert[])
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