Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Did you know this is a remake?
I wonder how many of you kids knew that this game was originaly a DOS game? Created in 1991 originally. Or is this mentioned where everybody can see it? Back then it was just called "Giana Sisters"
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Nevermind I just checked, apparently some of you have seen the original xD Though I have the DOS version, not the C64 one...
Well yeah firstly one of the main reasons this got kickstarted is the history. Secondly any early DOS port was very much an unofficial version and as such not wide spread at all. In fact the only DOS version I know of(and the only google seems to find too) was ported in 1998, and that lacked quite a few features (powerups ect.).
I think I remember playing it on an old C64 when I was much I've got a dos version, was dated I guess I am little confused?
Is the DOS version you have sized at around 32 kb, and does it have music? The 1998 was created for contest to fit games under 32 kb, which is why some of this stuff was left out of the port. The C64 version did come out 198something, so there is quite a time difference there.
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It is 275KB (282,251 Bytes) According to DOSbox it is developed by MindScape/Published by Accolade.... in 1991...... >.> just recently tried the C64 edition again, much closer to the one I remember playing as a kid. The only thing really missing from my DOS version is powerups. And jumping is sorta glitched up sadly.
MindSpan, not MindScape, sorry.
Huh. Have you got the files so that you could upload them to share? For example the site "" works well, no need to log in or anything. I´d like to take a look/own that version, and I´d be grateful if you bothered.

As far as Mindspan and Accolade goes any of the lists of their games I can find don´t include Giana Sisters, Mindspan seems to have made only some sports games. But games do get buried easily in some cases.

EDIT: or of course if you know a download link elsewhere that works too.
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Its installed on a DOSbox virtual if it will let me, I'll put it up someplace and you can test it yourself... (I think you are right though, I think its a crappy knock-off of the original...xD)
I like collecting/examining random interesting(for me ^^) stuff like this, and frankly I am pretty interested right now. So if it´s easy enough and possible for get for you great, but ofc it´s fine if not.
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Well here is a link to it. Though I think you are right, im pretty sure it is just some knock-off. The music and sounds work...(you have to run the setup on DOSbox...) good luck lol. {リンクが削除されました}
great, thanks.

EDIT: actually I have an extra trine in my intentory, for bothering it´s your. added as a friend(since send a message button doesn´t seem to work for me)
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On Commodore 64 The Great Giana Sisters © 1987 Rainbow Arts

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Redbl0odx の投稿を引用:
I wonder how many of you kids knew that this game was originaly a DOS game? Created in 1991 originally. Or is this mentioned where everybody can see it? Back then it was just called "Giana Sisters"

I did, it was pretty much a Super Mario Bros. rip off at the time, and some people were re-working it awhile ago before this came out. There's actually a remastered version you can get for the GP32X if you have one or can find one.

I came on here to ask the same question you did, so great minds must think alike.
Heh, though it was confirmed by now that it was made for the, whatever I was kind of close :P
TJF588 2012年12月18日 0時08分 
Except it's not a remake: "Project Giana is the grandchild of The Great Giana Sisters, a Super Mario Bros clone made by the now-deceased founder of our company in the eighties."

This was a "new project", though the NDS Giana Sisters was also mentioned on that page. If anything, I'd gauge that as the remake, but Twisted Dreams is a sequel, even if there's a scenario discrepancy (which I don't know, one way or the other).
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