The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Zamballo 2012年9月12日上午11:03
Morrowind Steam Workshop
I really love this game and it's follow-up titles. I also like how handy the Workshop is for Skyrim and other games. Considering the amount of mods Morrowind received, wouldn't it be sensible to give it a Workshop as well?
I'm sure even though TES3 is quite old, many mods are still in use and could thus be gathered and distributed amongst the players in a simple fashion. Also, I think it would certainly respark interest amongst those who want to replay this game or always wanted to try it.

Who else wants a Steam Workshop for Morrowind?
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Omega Hunter 9 2012年9月13日上午8:50 
Definately. I've seen how many mods and add-ons, even the one that revamps the graphics into the modern era for anyone new to it.
Al Swearengen 2012年9月13日下午7:17 
yes! i'm surprised there isn't one already to be honest.
I would whole heartedly agree that this is needed. Morrowind sure isn't the happening game anymore, but the addition of mods to the community on steam would be fantastic.
Reddio 2012年9月16日下午3:46 
Morrowind would be a perfect game for the Steam Workshop. Not only does it already have hundreds (if not thousands...) of mods, but they're still being made and uploaded on a pretty regular basis.
Zamballo 2012年9月16日下午4:08 
Whom do we have to contact to ask for a Workshop?
I agree, that way mods would be WAAAAAY easyer to install :D
RubberDuckyOne 2012年9月18日下午12:19 
oh yes.!
Blue Sausage 2012年9月20日上午12:47 
I would back this up
Captain Zan 2012年9月20日下午6:29 
aye this is needed!
DementedSnake 2012年9月21日上午8:00 
Um, yes please?
DraxTemSklounts 2012年9月22日下午12:21 
i also think a morrorwind workshop would be awesome. first thing, grafics overhaul and redone textures. then somehow the skyrim brain, because honestly. morrorwinds actions are pretty.. obselete?
Johnny Wolf 2012年9月23日下午6:23 
Morrowind would be a great game for the workshop it has thousands of mods
723rd C.A.T. 2012年9月23日下午11:59 
Do not expect to see Morrowind or any older Bethesda game to ever get Steam Workshop support.In order to have it the developer would have to update the game in order to implment it and Bethesda once they stop supporting a game they dont go back to it.

The only reason Skyrim has workshop support is becuase the game was still being actively supported(still is) by Bethesda when Workshop became aviable.Bethesda is not going to spend one dime on a game that has been out for a decade.They wont even give Fallout New Veags Workshop support.When Bethesda releases a game of the year/ultimate edtion of a game and the patch with it that is the end of the road for support from them.

That is just the way it is they never fixed many bugs with FO3 or FONV with the final patches yet final is final for them if they have that attiude then you should not expect them to decide to develope new support for a decade old game.
最后由 723rd C.A.T. 编辑于; 2012年9月24日上午12:04
You're so negative, blah blah blah.
You're forgetting that they re-released Daggerfall a good while ago, albeit in a crude form that required work on the part of the downloader to make it function on modern computers. But they patched it themselves, and made getting it free.
Bethesda putting work into making a workshop for Morrowind really isn't THAT far off with that in mind, they'd probably do it if enough people wanted them to. They really do love their fans and customers, AND they love their games.
723rd C.A.T. 2012年9月27日下午12:32 
And you are overly optimistic just wait and see you will be waiting for a very long time.
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