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Hoak Apr 28, 2013 @ 5:02pm
Cover Systems & Lean Realism
There's an interesting thread here on the Ubisoft R6: Vegas forums[] with some good illustrations and discussion of both the lack of realism in FPS game lean and cover systems, and (more importantly imho) the lack of fluidity, correct perspective, incorrect control interface, and natural effortlessness of lean and cover as implemented in FPS realism games...

Image Link (See Article[] For More Detail)

The shooting stances that AntiPersonnel has depicted with his one-sixth scale model are fun, and while perhaps a little on the histrionic side do offer a very clear presentation -- as they are for the most part technically correct...

On a related note (and very annoying to see in Insurgency), is that so far Ghost Recon and Call Of Duty 4 are the only games to get both weapon handling and camera perspective correct with respect to 'leaning', i.e. no tilting of of the camera and canting of the weapon sights when 'leaning'... Canting a firearm from any fire position is still strongly discouraged in most Mil firearms training (with the exception of some specialized CQC handgun paradigms like Castle's CAR Shooting System) and our brains keep then world upright regardless of our heads position...

As yet no game offers the correct stance, perspective, and 'scale-effort control' for how one shoots around cover or manages fire-maneuver around a corner. An Operator rarely if ever 'leans' at the waist -- as it would throw you off balance, make for very inaccurate fire and would put you on your ear or if you were firing anything with a punchy caliber, or had to move quickly to require a target or were taking fire. In a real cornering maneuver you'd peek first, and then carefully side-step, or in game parlance 'strafe' while aimed (if you were taking the corner standing).

In games, and as far as animation this could be nicely (and very simply) achieved with a shift in stance that's applied before the first strafing step in the intended direction as this would be natural, fluid and automatic -- there could even if be a small lateral 'fluid posture' range of motion similar to what was offered in Raven if there was the desire to really take this to the next level...

As far as control mechanics an alt-strafe key combination that when held turns lateral mouse motion from turning to strafing would be a nice option making the use of strafe less of a finger exercise and more fluid in how Players control character motion ergo a more 'to-scale-effort control' interface. A similar realistic change in fire position/posture when crouched and prone could achieve a lot of the same effect -- freeing up some key binds, and adding a lot more realism and effortless immersiveness in one design swoop...

It would be nice at the very least to see the canting arcade camera corrected in Insurgency (and would be very easy to fix as well) as this would at least fix one massive aesthetic wart in the game in terms of realism, aesthetic 'cheapness' and add a lot of weapon handling 'feel' in terms of realism...
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Shivaspace Apr 29, 2013 @ 1:16am 
this is a game herp derp deal with it
d10sfan Apr 29, 2013 @ 8:04am 
Would be interesting to see some of this implemented in the game
Hoak May 1, 2013 @ 6:55pm 
Originally posted by Disaster:
this is a game herp derp deal with it
Can someone translate?
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