Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

amaciel81 2013年12月28日上午8:24
Low performance in Linux

I'm having very serious performance issues in Linux. I have an Ubuntu 13.10 box, Intel Core i5 860 with 8GB RAM and a NVidia GTX 760. However, the auto-set put all setting to the lowest possible and even like this, the graphics are very slow.

That's expected or there is something I can do about?

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jython234 2013年12月28日下午6:57 
I have a similar problem, except that the game wont start.
I posted here, but no one seems to know whats wrong.
ziolive 2013年12月30日上午7:49 
No problem for me (core2duo, 8mo, hd7770). Beware aliasing or another video parameters.
DaAvenger 2014年1月5日下午9:28 
I have awful performance as well. I have a GTX 770 and I get very high performance in Windows, terrible in Linux. Maybe it is a problem with the NVidia drivers.
imkind Муж 2014年1月6日上午5:46 
What driver you use?
DaAvenger 2014年1月10日下午10:39 
Version 331.20. I had been using an earlier version, but switching seemed to have no effect.
alanware 2014年1月23日下午2:04 
I have a similar issue. The game defaulted my video settings to really low. I can run the auto config for the graphics and it wont change. When I attempt to manually change a graphics setting the game crashes. Can you manually change your settings?
thatothermitch 2014年1月29日下午8:51 
I have a GTX 760 on my 13.10 machine w/ the canonical-certified nvidia-319-updates, and the game runs reasonably well. Autoset configures generous graphical settings. I'll happily assist if anyone wants to compare settings against a 'known-good' configuration.

My friend, with a better 13.10 machine, has the issues you describe. I will try to learn which driver version he uses.

Graphics settings can be changed in the options.ini:


Here's a copy of mine, for reference / comparison: https://gist.github.com/thatothermitch/00886b2d7a4a290ea266
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thatothermitch 2014年1月29日下午9:09 
If no one knows here, you might try posting in the Airland battle tech-support forums:

xenophene 2014年1月30日上午1:13 
I have a GTX 760, AMD FX-9590 w/ 32GB of RAM, and Airland has been so far unplayable. My driver is currently the proprietary nvidia 319-updates package. Running AutoSet in Airland always leaves me with the lowest possible settings.

In addition, once I make it passed the funky campaign screen, the game crashes. No crash dumps anywhere..
最后由 xenophene 编辑于; 2014年1月30日上午1:20
DaAvenger 2014年1月31日下午8:25 
Tried switching back to nvidia-319-updates package, still no good. @thatothermitch, are you using an alternate desktop? I was thinking maybe unity/compiz could be causing trouble.
thatothermitch 2014年2月1日上午9:08 
@DaAvenger unfortunately not; I use the stock, 3d-flavor of unity
Marcus 2014年2月13日下午12:51 
I have the same Problem (Nvidia GTX680, 16gb RAM, AMD CPU). The game runs great on my friends computer (Nvidia gtx 560) and my laptop (intel hd4000). All PCs are running the same OS (Arch Linux) with all updates installed and the same drivers (except the intel laptop). I am really frustrated because I do not want to game on a 13" LapTop. PLEASE Help.
Tonto- 2014年3月27日上午8:14 
Check if in option.ini there is a value AutomaticVideoMemory = false. I changed it to true and no fps drop since.
Before this my games usually ended because fps droped so low that server had to kick me. Took usually about 10-15 minutes.
If possible id try copying the whole option.ini from windows install.
Marcus 2014年3月27日下午1:49 
if you have more than 4gb graphics memory you also have to change the MaxVideoMemory to 3072 . The engine seems to have problems with big graphics memory. I asked the support and they sayd that a fix is planned
DaAvenger 2014年3月27日下午5:14 
OMG, that finally worked. Those two changes just took it from unplayable in linux to max settings. Maybe the fact that I have the 4 GB variant of the 770 confused Wargames or something. Looking at it now, MaxVideoMemory of 0 was clearly a problem, I just never noticed it since I was convinced it was something about my driver, PC config, etc.

Thanks for the tips. Really didn't want to reinstall it on Windows.
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