Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

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a few things this game misses
Would really love to have these features:

1.) some kind of ruler, so you see the distance on the map from one point to another.
2.) recon aircraft
3.) native smoke screen on tanks and other vehicles
4.) some kind of map vision, where you can easily see the altitude of terrain (and maybe a field of vision of your army)
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I totally agree about the ruler for distances, i like the idea of map altitude (colored like a topo maybe?) I dont know about recon aircraft though, if you are in war and spotted by an aircraft, you would wait till passes and simpily move, then your last know position would only be good for a few moments. Also i like the idea of native smokescreens, i like seeing people thinking critically like this
It might also be nice to have a line-of-sight tool that would tell you whether a particular position can see anything. After all, nothing is as embarrassing like marching halfway across the map only to find out that your prime ambush position can't see the target.

Personally I would also like a good behavior toggle (I didn't see one in the game) so that I could tell units to automatically back away from the enemy in certain conditions. Having to micromanage recon helicopters and long-range missile units who really should no better is sometimes a pain.
- The ruler would be a very good thing. Specially when you want to set-up your defence line. As the range of fire is so important, a ruler or a field of fire radius is a must-have.
- The artillery should be off-map (sorry about that, but, to me, with this game map range, micromanagement of arty units is a total waste of time- except for MP where a team player has a dedicated support deck...). Only mortars-type units should be playable.
- On-board smoke launchers : I Fully agree. A must have. specially if you play without artillery :)

another feature I would love to have - is to be able to set waypoints to armies even before the battle starts (so that when the game starts, they already have their first orders)
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14/4 megjegyzés mutatása
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