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Wargame: AirLand Battle

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Noah 24 Abr, 2014 às 14:11
General Deck Building Tips
^Title says it all. I'm a big RTS fan but this game's deck building system is making me mad. I can never seem to get the right amount of a certain unit, I seem to either have too much of something or too little of another. Do you guys have any tips? Are there any websites that could help?
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Bayleaf 24 Abr, 2014 às 15:44 
Check out the Attila video guides in the Guides Section. He shows off a range of decks and demonstrates how to use the various units in a real game.
petri.piira 25 Abr, 2014 às 10:06 
Here is a generic PACT deck, works well in 1v1 conquest (sacrifice BTRs and other cheap stuff to hold on to your initial gains, basically):

CAT B or C national.

Logistics: (all low quality, rookie if possible)
1-2 cards of trucks
0-1 cards of supply helos, 1 if only 1 card of trucks, otherwise 0
1 card of jeep command vehicles
1 card of armored wheeled (not tank) command vehicles.

Reconnaissance, total 3 or 4 cards, all low quality, rookie if possible
1-2 cards of armored wheeled recon
0-1 cards of infantry recon on vehicles
0-1 cards of helicopter mounted infantry recon
0-1 cards of jeep recon
1 card of recon helos.

Infantry: medium quality, total 5 to 7 cards
3 cards of motostrelki or equivalent, 2-3 on BTRs, 0-1 on BMPs
1 card of strela or similar AA on BTRs
1 card of AT missiles on BTRs, if no BMPs purchased
0-1 cards of flamethrower infantry
1-2 cards of helicopter infantry

Support: AA medium or better, Artillery medium or worse
1 card of rocket launchers
0-1 cards of tube artillery
1-2 cards of Zhilka or equivalent
1 card IR missile vehicles
1 card BUKs (however they are called)

3-5 cards of tanks, focus on better ones, have 1 or 2 cards of cheap ones.

1-2 cards of ATGM vehicles. No unarmored vehicles.

0-2 cards of attack helicopters

Rest of the deck. Quantity over quality
less than half air superiority planes
ground attack planes with biggest bombs, with rockets, with ATGMs. Whatever you like.

Playing this style of deck:

Initially, send a company worth of troops to each zone in the middle which you want (you want them all), but which is likely to be contested (move fast order for wheeled troops):

1 CV, 1 REC, 3-4 INF, 2 AA, 0-3 TNK, 0-2 ATGM INF, 0-2 AA INF

Send a platoon to nearby zones, use Jeep CVs
1 CV, 2-3 INF, AA INF

Send Helicopter infantry to difficult to reach zones, or zones past the middle. If you win that zone, send a CV and reinforcements there later.

Your rocket launcher artillery is a great equalizer - it rarely kills, but it stuns the enemy which tries to take your zones, allowing your low quality troops to fight on fair terms against the stunned enemy.

Send some reconnaissance or special forces units (unload from helicopters) towards enemy spawn zones, walking on the edges of the map. If they find a CV, air strike it and/or fire artillery at it.

The ATGM vehicles are to be used to blunt enemy counterattacks. Use them in mass, deploy them in time before the counterattack.

The attack helos and your tanks are normally for the same purpose, to defend against counterattacks. But if there is a chance to attack an enemy zone, that is ok too. Bring recon and AA too in that case. And INF to hold the zone.

The recon helos are for emergency recon of enemy breakthroughs.

Use air in flights of several planes against single targets.

Now, if you win or not against high tech NATO depends on the time limit. I find 30-40 minutes with 400-600 conquest points to be fair with this type of deck against a high tech NATO deck. The typical game sees you initially leading in points, but NATO catching up ... can they catch up before the time runs out? Very dynamic games.
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James Blonde 25 Abr, 2014 às 10:55 
silly question, and possibly a how long is a piece of string question, but having not played a Pact deck, what sorts of numbers of vehicles are you talking about per card?
petri.piira 25 Abr, 2014 às 11:06 
Depends on the category, and experience level. And unit, of course. Something like 10+ for most combat troops. A deck like above has typically almost two battalions of infantry (50 or so of motostrelki) and more than one battalion of tanks (40 or so).
petri.piira 25 Abr, 2014 às 11:09 
I.e. it is about equivalent to "motorized infantry regiment", with very generous support from divisional assets.
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James Blonde 25 Abr, 2014 às 14:18 
Wow, ok, I don't think I appreciated the numbers involved in Pact decks! Well, other than obviously see them coming up against me...! Must play as them sometime!
Noah 25 Abr, 2014 às 16:44 
Thanks guys!
Sword_of_Light 27 Abr, 2014 às 9:55 
You should also think in terms of what you want that deck to do. I've just recently built two 'cheap' decks - because I've been in multis where there are only a few hundred starting points. The first time I did this, I sent my expensive NATO air assault deck in, started off with expensive air units - and did virtually nothing with them for the whole game. So I built decks with the critera: as cheap as I can make it while retaining combat effectiveness.

The second thing about building decks is that you have to expect to tweak them. The cheap NATO deck I built used a 25-point French tank, which, in combat, proved to be free points to the enemy. Because it was cheap, it had poor experience and antiquated AT missiles - its missles veered away from a T-72 like it had a forcefield, and the T-72 had a better gun. I dumped it for a more traditional - still cheap - tank in the next build.

So ask yourself - what do I want this deck to do? Am I defensive? Offensive? Cheap and numerous, expensive but elite? Then run some experiements - run it against the AI in skirmishes, see how it handles the various units, where are you weak, where are you strong? Play it against humans - good against remotes is one thing - see if your stuff counters their units. Soviets field Akulas to deal with NATO choppers - I field a Saab J35F to deal with the Akula. Move and countermove.

read the 176 paged guide, and in the last few sections, the dude wrote all about building a legit deck and all the info you need
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