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On the fence
So, I'm thinking about buying European Escalation, but I'm wondering what kind of RTS this is.
How does it compare to COH or C&C? Or even Age of Empires? (Those are the RTS's I've played.) What kind of gameplay? If anyone can help, thanks!
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I haven't played much, but I would recommend AirLand Battle (or maybe Red Dragon) over European Escalation, because the European Escalation uses an annoying unit unlock mechansim, that prevents you from using most units, and thus forces you to "level up" your profile through playing SP/MP games to unlock them.

The game is very different from C&C/Age of Empires, as there is no base building. You occupy zones with command units to get income, in order to buy reinforcements to the battlefield. Lots of micro, bewildering array of units, and probably a bit slower-paced/systematic than COH (haven't played that one).
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How about you watch a video on YouTube?
@CorDeFerrum - How about you go back to your parents basement and learn manners? Videos don't really do much for everyone. It shows some things, but probably not enough to answer questions or show all the good/bad of the game itself.

@Hammercorps - I agree with Alpheus, go with Wargame Air Land Battle. EE is not a good 'starting point' for this series, and Red Dragon is not quite 'finished' enough. I've played C&C Generals and COH (Like them both alot and still play COH), and Wargame ALB is alot more fun than both of those. It does have a learning curve, so it frustrates some users who expect another pick it up and play like an expert right away type games, but its easy enough if you have a little patience. I reviewed the game, and read strategy guides, about Wargame ALB for about 30 days before I bought it and have never regretted buying it.
Two beginner tips - when you start a game, you have no units out. You must click on the upper left of the screen (there is a number of your points there) which opens up your 'deck' which has all your units. You then 'buy' those units that you wish to place on the starting point(s). Once you get the game and start one this will make ALOT more sense.
If you get the game, friend me, and we can play some basic games.
if people are honest.its wargame ALB in asia..very little different naval thats about it...my only gripes are... no real built up areas.towns and cities are a very few small buildings....and the vehicles all use formula 1 engines and every infantry unit would put usain bolt to shame !!.. need to be slowed down a bit.but just my thoughts guys.ive bought the game. but is it much different to ALB not really...oh by the way before people start flaming me about vehicle speeds i was in the forces so do know something about it.and yes some do move very fast but not all...pays ya money ya makes ya choice !!
^This is the ALB discussion, and hes asking about EE, not Red Dragon.

The closest game Ive played to this has been Men of War, and only because of the call in system and the value of every unit, but this game has a lot of macro and micro intertwined as has actually been one of my favorite modern RTSs to date.
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