Wargame: AirLand Battle
N00b struggling with AI skirmishes
This is my first RTS game, so I'm completely new to the genre, but not completely unfamiliar with the NATO weapons systems I'm trying to employ. I'm really struggling though - I'm getting my butt handed to me on a plate on easy mode. That shouldn't be right surely? I want to like the game, but in terms of easy mode being a lead in for n00bs, it isn't and I can't easily see what I'm doing wrong before it's all too late, my sections have been overrun and I'm down to 1 command vehicle with no hope. The tutorial didn't help much either - it really didn't prepare me for a full-on, all-arms battle.

Having watched a decent amount of gameplay on YouTube, including what should be identical UI skirmishes, I get the distinct impression that my easy mode isn't the same as the easy mode I'm seeing in the videos, with the videos showing a far more timid and less aggressive WarPac enemy in far fewer numbers than I'm seeing - I sense I could easily win those games!

The WarPac troop numbers make no sense to me either. I accept their units are cheaper so there will be more of them, but assuming they have the same 30-odd card deck I have, I shouldn't be seeing tons of armour AND aircraft AND artillery AND infantry AND recce AND helicopters AND AA, should I? The forces just don't seem to balance? The AI also knows exactly where all my forces are - it all seems a bit unfair!

Or maybe I just shouldn't be playing as NATO?

Anyone got any hints for playing the AI? Am I missing a setting somewhere? Is easy hard and vice versa?! :P

and yes, I understand that there are moans about the AI and that its probably as well to play against human oponents, but I don't want to go into a human game looking like a complete novice...! ;)
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The AI cheats horribly. It's not a fair fight.
You picked a rough game to start RTS game with. While C&C 3 or Supreme Commander Forged Alliance are more traditional RTS games, this one has no base building.
If you want to get better at ALB I would go against an easy AI and make sure you bulk up on AA and recon and let him attack you. The AI will bring it, and you will shoot it down. After a few waves of this he will be low on air units, then start your infantry/mechanized advance. Using generous recon along the way. Make the AI come to you, then use arty to weaken its advance and tanks to toast em as they arrive. AI can cheat all it wants if you whittle it down, you will win.
The AI can see everything, as a result it will do just about anything that isnt directly bombing your CV without having proper recon on it, but they arent afraid to send all flame tanks and sappers, at any flanking infantry.that was most certainly hidden just fine. As a new player just make an all infantry deck from denmark or sweden and use it in tactical 10v10 servers, youll get good units for cheap and its not easy to screw up with infantry decks.
The AI has a nasty tendancy to bunch up Artillery with it logistic vehicles, find where some artillery may be firing and counter it with your own, 1 lucky hit to a Ural can force a chain reaction. also carry some AA at all times, mix radar with InfraRed. If you are expecting tanks and vehicles take some tanks of your own to counter theirs, along with numerous ATGM vehicles and lots of ani-tank infaantry (also the Dragon ATGM sucks major balls). Use medium tanks ahead of heavy one to absorb rounds whilst the heavies pick off targets. If you are expecting lots of air units, helicopters and the likes, be sure to take A LOT of anti-air, more than normal, Infantry, Mobile SAMS, all of it. dont freak out if you are losing to the AI. it will make very concentrated strikes on your forces if you are defending a certain area, i find planes with bombs can really put a hurt on them, just be sure that its mostly free of AA, dont freak out about only AA firing bullets unless there are about 3, or if you are planning on having the plane up for awhile, but missle AA has to be cleared first. Wild weasel planes like the Raven can make short work of Radar SAMS. Always keep good recon on enemy forces. and another quick tip is sometimes the AI will keep large concetrations of units waiting for the opportunity to strike when a holeopens in your defence, if you can find them you can put a real hurt on them. Also if you aare losing a battle dont be afraid to fall back. Keep logistic trucks near the main batlle and at a fall back zone to heal and re-arm units. You said you like to play NATO so dont be that guy who spams the Abrams thinking it unstoppable. I've had an M1A1 destroyed by a T-34 before. For now just keep playing and you will get it eventually. Try playing multiplayer, its been getting hard to find good games lately but people there can help you. also the 176 page comprehensive guide on the guides page is great. and most of these are my own playstyle, you may find ATGMs to be much better than tanks and want to just have them instead (dont do this infantry will destroy you). You will develop your own playstyle eventually. Good luck and have fun! (PS Bernd is right about the AI seeing all, they are like the illuminati or some ♥♥♥♥ like that)
also i cant stress the importance of good AA, if you have to waste a slot for say, an early leopard tank for another Roland, do it. always keep AA with your main force and keep it well supplied, but make sure it remains safe a ways behind (not too far behind) to prenvent it being destroyed early. 100-200 meters is a good distance away as most units will engage your more frontal units by then and you should still have range on helicopters attacking.
Thanks all - some great hints there that I'll try out over the weekend! Yes, the first game I played (that I won accidentally...) was where the AI got to me before I had a chance to move far from my FOB (not knowing how fast the AI moved!), so my forces were concentrated along the highway.

If it's a known "problem" then It's a shame that the game hasn't been patched to ease up at the more basic levels for absolute n00bs, but hey ho!

My first deck is a fairly mixed one - a bit of everything really! I'm seeing the benefit in cheap tanks, as you'll get more of them, but I can't believe the numbers the WarPac seem to get for the same deck! There is something to say for quantity over quality, but I was clearly spreading my forces too thin, so they were always going to be overwhelmed I guess. I'll have a proper look at the guides on here too - I'm not overly phased by doing a lot of research as long as there is genuinely benefit in doing it, but if the AI cheats too much, then maybe the AI isn't the way to learn! I've still got to figure out things like hotkeys and managing actions and suchlike.

Not giving up yet!
OK, that guide is awesome! Helped massively in understanding the mechanics, it's now just a case of playing around with units to figure out the subtlties of the ones I like the look of! Oh, and learning not to give up after a massive beating on one front as you won't learn what's coming next and will never realise that the AI has just chucked its best units at you with nothing left in reserve - that was a milestone!

Oddly, the AI doesn't seem as full on since I patched it? Either that, or the guide really has made a massive difference in a short space of time!

Now, having just seen a post saying multiplayer is dead, am I left with solo skirmish or the campaign as my only real options?
ya the AI is this game is nuts you get 10 tanks the AI has 50plus you buy 5 planes AI has 20 you buy 2 arty the AI has 10 so on and so on
on just one map the AI have 15 planes 20 Hids and 50 tank not counting the the bmps and inf it just a joke with the AI
every once in awhile you might see multiplayer games. Sometime the game is almost as busy as when it launched, other days its dead.
Lately I have been mostly playing against steam friends, as I like 1v1, and that kind of multiplayer game against randoms seems to have totally disappeared. In any case, playing in public games against randoms was not very fun or productive usually.. much more nice to set up a private game with someone who is a good opponent (i.e. no rage quitting etc.)

Send me a steam friend request, James Blonde, if you would like to play against me at some point.
It also takes practice to keep all the pieces along all the fronts operating. Thats as much a skill as knowing which units to deploy. It can be discouraging - especially since stupid mistakes are very easy to make (oh, look, I forgot to unload that squad from my helo - no wonder there wasnt any AA support there). Like any other skill it just takes practice.

Yes, the AI does 'cheat' - I suspect the way they've programmed it to 'see' is intrinsically linked to the problem that it can see everywhere (what, you're taking fire from inside that cloud of smoke? Whats that, the arty knows exactly where your command unit is?) so you just have to play around it. Hey, I'm taking fire from that cloud - send in an Aardvark and carpet bomb the area - problem solved.

This is also a hard game to learn. I've just started playing air mobile decks - no support units, no armor - which were core to my play prior to this. Still working out the kinks - still working on which decisions play out and which lead to a smoking wreck. I've been playing since European Escallation - and I'm still learning what works and what doesnt.

And with as many units as this game has, it takes a lot of experimentation before you find what suits you - I discovered very recently what a gem the Saab Draken is for anti-helo operations. My first thought was 'Rockets? Really?" Fly one into a mess of Soviet helos, and you're almost guaranteed a kill. They're pretty fragile, but at 55 points, they're also pretty cheap. The game is packed with things like that - it just takes time to sort them out.
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i toactually just played my first air deck. It can very very difficult, especially if our opponent packs IR missles that your Wild Weasels cant counter, but very effective if you manage to clear a gap in their air coridor.
I think my realisation this week was the importance of counters. I guess as in real life, you don't know what you're playing against until you get there, so how do you counter an all air deck when the only weapons you have that outreach the helicopter missiles are aircraft, which are being slaughtered by the anti-air! Not like you can change deck when you realise what's coming up against you! So maybe your Draken might be a better option than my Corsairs!

But, having said that, I'm finding that I've not lost till I've lost, even when the odds look bleak! I know someone said this to me already, but the AI will simply throw everything at you at the beginning of the match, so what's the point in my sending a force out to take a sector that will be wiped out by sheer numbers, when I can hold back at a reasonably defensible hold point, let them throw stuff, then then when they run out, move out! I'm not getting command points, but then I'm not losing expensive command units!

I'm feeling the love for the Cobra personally...
I find the destruction game mode to be quite boring. Conquest vs AI (or better yet, a human) is much more fun. Fancy a game?
If we're on at the same time sometime, yeh!
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