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Steep learning curve?
So I just picked up the game and maybe I've been away from RTS's too long but I am getting my ♥♥♥ handed to me on even the easiest missions. I can't get my unit fielded quick enough and it seems the enemy always has reenforcements to spare. What am I doing wrong? Any tips for beginners?
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I would look at the guides first. There are a lot of really good ones out there.
What deck are you using? If it's a stock deck, what is your deployment order. If it's a custom deck, please post a screenshot of it.

If it's the latter, you may be utilizing too many heavy units, sacrificing quantity for quality, which only takes you so far in games.
Your not alone. Seems the more I play the more frustrated I get. One thing that has helped is youtube has videos on this gme that has been helful. Those guys make it look easy. All the best !
First keep in mind the A.I. usually has extra units (not shown anywhere) so they can come up with extra units that they should not have. Not sure why, just seems to be an A.I. thing.
Second, play with other humans against computer opponents. Your allies 'should' help you and it will let you see other strategies you might not consider otherwise...plus it is always fun beating up the computer.
IF your talking campaign missions then my experience (limited) has shown the first mission (easy) is more like a medium level...and all the ones over that are just plain hard.
Great advice. Red Dragon is certainly going to be more of a challenge. Win or lose I enjoy the game. All the best !
Feel free to add me as a steam friend if you (or others) wish. I usually prefer to play with humans against computer opponents (less problems that way).
This game is extremely brutal on newcomers due to its realism. One of the most common mistakes I see new players make is underestimating the need to Anti Air vehicles and Air Superiority fighters. I see dozens of cheap PACT T-55s or High end NATO Heavies moving towards my lines. But with a few airstrikes and support, they're stunned and the fight has turned to my favor. Always put some sort of support or anti air behind any sort of advance you have planned. Becoming good at this game really requires alot of playing, so get to it :P Best of luck to you :)
Well realizing I could eploy units before launching the battle was a big help, lol
I did a little better but man maybe I'm just the type that doesn't like to think so much and so fast while playing games.
I won one mission almost exclusively with air strijes. Next mission, most of my air units are wiped out immediately by anti-air. Whoops
My humble suggestions (from learning the same things you are):

1 - start with 3vs3 or 4vs4 games, where all your allies are very hard computers and against 3 computer opponents. 1 Medium, 2 easy. Take it slow, deploy your units, see what works and what kills your units fast. Repeat a few times till you get more comfortable with stuff.


2 - Find ingame friends (add me if you want) and play with human allies (VERY different from computer allies) against computer opponents. Learn a bit more stuff.

and finally ONLY play against other humans that you are friends with. Most (not all) other human players either take the game way too seriously OR like to blame others for their own lack of skill...and if they are not your friends will probably rant and rave (and curse) you out for not doing great while your still learning stuff.

Personally I only play vs computer opponents and actually started a group (10+ members currently) that hops on with others whenever we can (when real life lets us) to beat up on the computer. We have played everything up to 4vs4 games and have had lots of fun. Everyone is welcome to come join us. We are not hardcore gamers by any means and generally help eachother out as needed to learn new stuff.
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