Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

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Full Tilt Dotka 18 Mar, 2014 às 15:45
Aircraft dying too easily?
I'm noob... and it seems like everytime i send aircraft they die so easily... even against only one AA can anyone give me tips on how to utilize aircraft without dying

and can anyone tell me which type of units counter what?
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Grey Buddhist 18 Mar, 2014 às 16:02 
look at the picture of aircraft when you have your mouse over it.
If it shows a jet (and nothing else) it is an air-to-air fighter
If it shows a jet with an up arrow and a down arrow in front of the nose it is an aircraft that can be used as air-to-air AND air-to-ground
If it shows a jet with lines under the nose (but not anywhere else) it is an air-to-ground specialist
If it shows weird radio waves on the nose of the plane it is an anti-radar jet. VERY good against enemy anti-air radar guns.

Now for more info...look at the type of weapons your air-to-ground jets have. Some have Napalm (good vs infantry and can be used to block off enemy routes), some have rockets (good vs infantry and lightly armored vehicles), and some have anti-tank missiles (good vs tanks and other hard armored targets).
For your anti-air jets things to look for are firing range (longer distance is better), how many rounds/missiles it has (before it needs to go back and reload), and he (high explosive) damage (more means less shots to take down enemy aircraft).

To keep them alive here are some tips:

1 - micro manage them all! If you see enemy attacks coming their way from the ground (but you can't see that enemy) chances are it is anti-aircraft weapons....immediately click EVAC. Otherwise you will probably lose your jet.

2 - You can choose your aircraft, then right click near the enemy and some of your jets will fly around and attack targets as they see them. I have noticed this works well with anti-tank jets (they attack enemy armor pretty regularly) and anti-radar jets, but does NOT work with anti-ground rocket jets (they won't attack anything..infantry, armor, etc..) without you choosing them and right clicking the enemy you want them to attack. For your anti-air jets I have heard you can right click behind your lines and they will automatically attack enemy jets as they come in range (NOTE: I have NOT verified this so use at your own risk).

If you really want to use them well ONLY send out your anti-air jets to attack enemy anti-air jets and let your anti-air vehicles/infantry slowly terminate the other enemy air forces...then once you own most of the sky, send out your anti-ground fighters with the first target always being enemy anti-air vehicles/infantry!

Here are two links that might help a little also:

Hope that helps.
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H2CO3 18 Mar, 2014 às 16:07 
First of all, if you haven't yet, check out Wargame: Red Dragon. Its the next one in the series and 25% off to all AB owners.

Aircraft are meant to be fragile. They can be shot down very easily if used incorrectly. You shouldn't send in aircraft above a certain area if you do't know what kind of units the enemy has there (there are some exceptions). Also, if you know that the enemy has a large presence of fighters with long-range radar or semi-active radar missiles, then you should probably stay out. Planes equipped with radar missiles have an incredible range.

There are certain types of aircaft have SEAD capabilities. This means that they lock on to enemy RADAR AA and fire at it with special missiles. Notice the all caps RADAR AA. They will only work against AA that uses radar - infrared radar like the avengers and strelas can still take out your SEAD plane.

You have to be very cautios when doing ground attacks. Slower aircraft like the thunderbolt will be able to fire at the target for a longer period of time, but are also more vulnerable to AA. Faster aircraft like the Tornado IDS will come in quick and leave qickly, but will have less time to fire at their targets and will venture deeper into enemy territory (with potential AA) after they have completed their ground attack.

There are lots of different types of aircraft, and you should check them out in the armory. Hold your cursor over a weapn and/or wepon trait (for example, under the weapon it might say F&F or STAT) to see what they do and what they mean. Hope this helps!
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