Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

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Campaign(s) worth playing to get into the game?
I just started out. Before i play online i wanted to get acquainted to the units/decks, controls, game mechanics etc. Is the campaign of any use for that purpose. I quite dislike the timer but if most online games have similar lime limits it might be good to get used to it. Are there any other reasons to play campaings instead of skirmishes with different decks/maps/difficultie levels? Is it any good?

Whlie we're at it, another unrelated beginner question: What do i do in skirmish if i've killed all enemies and used all my CVs to capture sectors but haven't gained enough victory points to win?
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Hello, well, training which comes closest to online experience is a singleplayer battle vs the AI. When you're about jumping into MP, look for people to play with or to train you, random team mates are no fun. I have not played the campaign, some people love it though.

No, if one party loses all CVs, they lose the game.
So you think i have overlocked a CV outside a zone? All zones were mine or neutral and i didn't see any enemy forces on the map but some might have been hidden. The game did not end it only said that all enemy zones were captured iirc. I could only surrender to end the game, thereby lose.

What is the typical time limit during MP games?
Yes, the AI tends to put its last CV deep into some forest when it cannot defend itself anymore, wasting your time. In a skirmish you can just surrender and leave, you don't really get anything for winning or losing anyways.

If you plan on playing on the servers, typical time limits in multiplayer range from 30 mins to 90 mins. Player hosted games can be anything from 10 mins to unlimited.
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To learn how to play, without any negatives to worry about, I would play 2vs2, or 3vs3 where you and some computer allies (hard of very hard skill) fight against easy (at first) to medium/hard computer opponents. Your computer allies will do enough that you should be able to concentrate on what all your units do and how to use them effectively.
While doing that, go online and research all you can find about the game...anything that will tell you about the strengths/weaknesses of all the units/countries and also what to use against certain enemy actions.
Before long you should know just enough to get yourself in trouble in an online game. :-)
Any questions, feel free to ask.
Campaign in ALB is pretty lame. Better to test your skils vs the AI then move on to 2v2 player. WATCH your replays so you can learn what happens! It shows ALL players during replay.
Thanks a lot guys. Played and won a few 1vs1 medium AI. My efforts are still very uncoordinated and clumsy. Hard to have the right units at the right place at the right time and alive, armed, and ready without losing overall overview. But I have to admit that this by far the most awesome armchair general simulator i ever played. Even clearly beats the feeling of SupCom. It's even fun to watch games on YT, and i never watched MP games on YT before. ;)
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