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Does anyone have a suggestion to get into multiplayer easier?
I bought this game during the steam summer sale 8 months ago, and to be honest, I am still a complete noob at the game. Especially multiplayer, I really suck at the micromanagement in this game. But does anyone have any suggestions to get into multiplayer real easy so newcomers don't look like they suck at the game? Thanks.
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Find some people to play online with who have teamspeak and are willing to mentor you. There are some threads on the forums that offer help, you should check those out as well.
Read my post about humans wanting to play together against only computer opponents, then add me as a friend on STEAM.
Playing with other humans (but not against them) will teach you teamwork, get you used to the speed of the game, and your teammates won't be a**holes to you if/when you run around not knowing what your doing at first.
Once you feel comfortable using teamwork (some people, like me, always prefer playing against computer opponents) against enemies, then hop online to play against other people armed with a little more 'skill'.
Just my humble suggestion.
yea you really just need ppl to teach you the game. i have some expericen in it im no pro but i understand the game quite well. vs ai is nice to help teach and skype TS Vent Even steam voice is helpfull because it speeds up communication by alot
I have the same problem Juice,played a couple games today and got ripped for "being an idiot ah, stupid f***** noob,and more. Very hostile community and not friendly to lesser players. Lets face it this game is HARD but I do luv it, Tryin to learn with these chooches is not enjoyable and makes me go back to playing sp. I have to say though I am really terrible at it. I can`t even figure out how to set a beacon (dummy) and typing messages while I`m tryin to save the free world is hard for me. I`m not from the pc/gaming generation so teachin an old dog new tricks is difficult haha. I also don`t have teamspeak which like McMacky said is the best way to go. Maybe I`ll go back to Total War games(much friendlier community and skip buying RedDragon.
well i dont mind assisting and teaching you guys i am nice and i generally play with friends i dont play to win but to have fun. anyways everyone starts as a noob. though i admit the community is terrible but i dont mind helping if need be game is good with friends and then u can ignor the bad community of ppl who call ya noobs lol
That was my main problem. It was the community that played the games. I was so hyped and excited when I heard there were 10v10s that I really wanted the game and wanted large scale city fighting and such, now it seems that it's more larger than that. It's kind of like ARMA 2 ACE Mod but as a strategy game.
Well, here are a couple of basic tips :

- You need to spread your units carefuly (to avoid beeing a too easy target to arty or planes). a pack of 4 strong and dangerous units (like tanks or AA) will most likely take a ♥♥♥♥ load of bomb in the face as soon as they are spotted).
Keep in mind their LoS to try to make em hit incoming enemy simultaneously, or nearly. not always easy to do, but its a real plus.

- Always have scouts in cover but with good line of sight to spot incoming enemies (otherwise your other units will always see enemy too late). If your scouts are dead or elsewhere, send empty transports in hedgerrows or forest on your flanks for example, their destruction will warn you that something is coming by this way.

- If you are overhelmed with a big attack, best is to do an "organized retreat". Its better to sacrifice a couple or crappy unit (cheap tanks in cover, and basic infantry in buildings are perfect for that) to hold enemy and gain precious time to cover the retreat of more important units, and then spread your forces in cover, sneaky arround and finaly enclose the swarm of enemy units. This is the best way to defeat stronger units, hit em in the back or the flanks when they think you went strait back to your base.

- You also need to know the units that can be an effective counter to the units you are using (especialy when attacking). This, to know when you should pull back to cover, before loosing too many units, when your opponent has sent the proper counter to your attacking units..

- Try to resupply you units properly and in time. The more high end is you vehicle the more it will eat ammos. Sometimes its faster or safer to bring back the vehicle to safe place to resupply it, as units wont do resupply if they are busy to shoot something or if they are under attack and paniked. If you cant resupply the unit, fall back, do not give free xp to enemy units! and mates can maybe resuply you if back to safe spot.

With these basic but solid tips, you should stay alive longer, to fight an other day!
There is way more tips, but try to be familiar with all these to get a good start with micromanagement.
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